Doug Johnston Strikes a Cord

Doug Johnston Sash Cord Studies pieces

Doug Johnston Sash Cord Studies vessels

I was walking down a cobblestone street in New York City one night when a strange ghostly sculpture in a shop window caught my eye. I ambled over and stood in front of the glass beholding a giant creature made of cords and a gaping mouth. It was an arresting image, one that humored as much as terrified. Later, I found out it was the work of artist Doug Johnston, and this eerily beautiful sculpture barely scratched his polymathic, multi-hyphenate artistic surface.

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Andi Teran

March 28, 2013 / By

Sociopathic Pop Misfits – A Film Review of ‘Spring Breakers’

Spring Breakers poster by Harmony Korine

Spring Breakers film by Harmony Korine

What do you get when you mix teenage starlets and pop sensations with America’s most enigmatic independent filmmaker? The answer is Spring Breakers, the neon-blazing, experiential, psychedelic pastiche that is Harmony Korine’s most commercially successful film yet. Comprised as a symphony of character, narrative, and social-political layers, Spring Breakers is a maze through an ultra-fun then frenzied trip for four freshmen that will stop at nothing to get to Daytona Beach in time for spring break.

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Christina Stimpson

March 28, 2013 / By