A Celebration of Architecture in Cinema in Federico Babina Poster Series ‘Archicine’

Federico Babina - Archicine

I’m not normally a fan of re-imagined movie posters that take a minimalist slant but I must admit that I quite like this series created by the Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina. Entitled Archicine, the series takes a number of iconic buildings from cinema and turns them into vintage-looking posters. It’s a series that presents a wonderful overview of architecture on screen and Federico’s style lends a beautiful crisp and clean aesthetic to the buildings of the silver-screen.

Federico Babina - Archicine - North By Northeast and L.A. Confidential

This isn’t Federico’s only pairing of illustration and architecture. He’s also the creator of Archipixal, a fun series of images that turns some of the worlds biggest architects into tiny 8-bit characters. It’s well worth checking out too.

It’s hard to imagine where Federico’s love for architecture and illustration might take him next, but for now make sure to check out Archicine in all it’s glory. Federico has created 17 posters in total. Has he made one of your favorite cinematic buildings?

Federico Babina - Archicine

Federico Babina - Archicine

Philip Kennedy

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