‘”Retrograde,” a new music video from James Blake, Directed by Martin de Thurah

'Retrograde' by James Blake

James Blake, in my mind, just keeps getting better an better. Above is the first single called “Retrograde” from his album Overgrown which comes out April 6. The sound of this track is certainly an evolution from his previous albums and EPs. The song structure is less experimental, it’s a bit like a pop song in format, but his trademark vocals and blown out instruments give this song such incredible power.

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Martin de Thurah for the Danish Paviilion

One of my favorite directors Martin de Thurah has released a set of short films for the Danish Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The videos were meant to reflect the spirit and culture of Denmark by pointing out key parts of their culture. The first video shows the journey of the famous Little Mermaid statue as it’s moved from Copenhagen to Shanghai for the expo (on a sidenote, here’s a photo of the exhibit). The other videos represent families, bicycles and water, which I suppose is the other key elements to being Danish.

The films themselves are tiny masterpieces. de Thurah always has ana amazing eye for details and emotions and I could watch his films nonstop. I think my favorite is the second video which is based around families. The video is like a physical manifestation of children’s imaginations which I think is great. I’d say it’s worth your while to sit back and watch all of these.


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When I Grow Up by Fever Ray, Directed by Martin de Thurah

I’ve been in love with the new video for the song When I Grow Up by Fever Ray for the past week now, it’s so spooky and awesome. The video was directed by the amazing Martin de Thurah and has Karin Dreijer Andersson all dressed up in some kind of Nordic shaman garb, chanting and dancing around a suburban pool. Her magical powers start to kick in and the water starts going crazy, bubbling and lighting up.

The video kind of reminds of a Miyazaki film, where something normal is made somewhat magical. Martin de Thurrah definitely killed it again.

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Martin de Thurah’s Young Man Falling

A couple weeks ago I popped over to The Hammer for their last night of the year collaborating with the folks over at FLUX for a screening of Martin de Thurah’s newest film, Young Man Falling. Googling Martin de Thurah I realized that he did that AMAZING Carpark North video for their song Human, which I’ve placed under the cut for you all to check out.

The story of Young Man Falling is essentially about the changing emotions of a 17 year old boy. He’s slightly neurotic, and not really sure of his emotions and what he’s feeling. This idea of your feelings becoming physically evident is something that de Thurah does amazingly in all his work, and especially in Young Man Falling. For example, after witnessing a car crash, the boy is so traumatized by the site he sees he can only hear the sound of the dead man’s watch ticking. It’s little details like these that make the film a really stellar one.

There’s the trailer above to watch, as well as his video for Human under the cut, so check those out. And if you get a chance to see Young Man Falling anywhere, I suggest you do it. FLUX also has a great interview with Martin de Thurah on their site, which you can read here.

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‘Lindisfarne’ by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

'Lindisfarne' by James Blake

Lindisfarne is the name of a small island off the north east coast of England, and it’s also the name of James Blake’s new music video. It was directed by one of my favorites Martin de Thurah, and is, as usual, filled with all kinds of strange beauty. You may remember that Martin also directed the video to Blake’s first single, Limit To Your Love, which was also pretty odd and magical feeling. I’m not sure what either of the videos mean, exactly, but they both are mystical but mundane, which I think is the best way to describes de Thurah’s work in general.

In the video above you see a group of young people performing some kind of ritual, though it’s entirely vague as to what it is. And in Limit To Your Love it’s almost as if Blake is performing bedroom magic. Lovely work yet again by de Thurah, hopefully he continues working with James Blake, I feel like they have such a really great chemistry together.


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‘This Momentary’ by Delphic

I just recently came across the music of Delphic, a UK dance/pop band who released their first album Acolyte last Tuesday. To generalize their sound they kind of feel like Cut Copy but with more harmonies and much more danceable. So far I’ve really been enjoying the album a lot, it’s really great to listen to when I need to get some energy while working.

The video above is for their song This Momentary and was directed by Dave Ma, who visited the area around Chernobyl, documenting the people who still live there. His focus was trying to capture little moments in the lives of the people who live there, not focusing on the negative health effects in any way. In an interview with Promo News, Dave says:

“A lot of people wrongly assume that the Chernobyl area is completely devoid of life or that it must be an atomic wasteland. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The place is full of life, nature is flourishing and people still live and work around the power plant. There just happens to be a lot of radiation floating around…”

I think the video is absolutely stunning, filled with haunting images and perfectly desaturated colors. It’s still amazing to me that buildings have been abandoned like that. He does a great job of showing the beauty of a place that people can no longer inhabit. His style in this also kind of reminds me Martin de Thurah in ways, especially the tracking shot on the road. I also like how the video is cut to the beat in certain parts, it’s a nice touch.


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