Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #7 of 7 In Rainbows

So here it is, the final wallpaper in the Radiohead Wallpaper Countdown.
This for the new album, In Rainbows, which I’m currently listening to in fact. I’m 4 songs in, and already in love with it.
The album so far sounds really lo-fi, and extremely jazzy. Thom Yorke’s vocals sound like a female, blues singer from the 40’s, and Phil’s drumming is completely jazz inspired. But at the same time, they’ve layered a lot of sounds, and samples into it.

I know I’m going to be listening to this obsessively for the new few weeks. I am so not disappointed, and was rather happy to give them my $10. If you were skeptical at all about this album, I’d say you have nothing to worry about.

As for the wallpaper above, it was pretty hard to come up with a wallpaper for an album I’d never heard. And though it looks pretty simple, there were a lot of weird things put into it. The background is a blown up picture of a diamond, with a rainbow gradient over it, then the mosaic filter, and darkened a ton. The bright colored rainbow page things are from a photo of a real rainbow, but obviously I tweaked the hell out of it. And the words came from something Thom posted on Dead Air Space, so I thought it was fitting to place it in there.

I hope everyone has enjoyed all of the wallpapers! I know next time I’m going to give myself a much larger head start, and not make each one of these each day I need to release them.
It’s going to be really nice to get back on a better sleeping pattern, haha…


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #6 of 7 Hail to the Thief

There’s only one more day until the new Radiohead album is released! Todays wallpaper, although extremely late, might be one of my favorites. It’s for their album Hail to the Thief, and happens to be my second least favorite album of theirs. Although it has a lot of great songs on it, it didn’t flow quite like the other albums. It reminds me of what happened with Travis. They came out with 2 great albums, and then decided to write a political-tinged one, and it wasn’t so great. But their new album is great… so maybe Radiohead will follow a similar pattern?

This album was completely influenced by the name of the album. Hail to the Thief indeed. I just love that he’s staring down some scary ass wolf (a reference to the last song). Although, he looks like he could be smart here, so that doesn’t quite fit. Anyhow, I was pretty pleased with how my drawing came out, so there’s that.

Tomorrow is the last wallpaper, and at midnight, the new album will come out!


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #5 of 7 Amnesiac

There are only 3 to 4-ish days before the new Radiohead comes out, so the countdown continues!
Today’s wallpaper is Amnesiac, one of my favorites, but not quite as good as the previous two albums. The main inspiration for this wallpaper was something how Thom Yorke described the album:

“I read that the gnostics believe when we are born we are forced to forget where we have come from in order to deal with the trauma of arriving in this life. I thought this was really fascinating. It’s like the river of forgetfulness. It may have been recorded at same time (as Kid A)… but it comes from a different place I think. It sounds like finding an old chest in someone’s attic with all these notes and maps and drawings and descriptions of going to a place you cannot remember. That’s what I think anyway.”

Tomorrow’s wallpaper is Hail to the Thief, which is sure to be politically tinged, I can promise you that.


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #4 of 7 Kid A

Today’s image is better late than never, but it is still Saturday here in Los Angeles, so I still made it on time! Today’s wallpaper is for Kid A, my other favorite Radiohead album. With this album they totally veered away from the guitar driven anthems of OK Computer, and instead went toward Thom Yorke’s other musical love, electronic. It features several of my absolute favorite songs like Idioteque, How To Disappear Completely and the title track Kid A.

For this wallpaper I decided to use the art of one of my absolute favorite artists, the brilliant Ashley Wood. I felt like the core of this album was about cataclysms, and the end of the world, so I threw in some of that imagery. And I also loved that they used horns on National Anthem, so I wanted to throw some of those in there as well. And the baby’s in there because the album was rumored to be named after the supposed ‘first cloned child’. So there you go!

I’ll try and post the Amnesiac wallpaper a little earlier in the day tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything!
Enjoy the crazy wallpaper!


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #3 of 7 OK Computer

The Radiohead Wallpaper Countdown continues today with the release of OK Computer. I spoke a few days ago about how Paranoid Android shaped what I listen to, but I’d have to say this whole album was the main influence. Listening to it over and over again for the past day and a half just reminded me of how brilliant they became on this album. And the amazing thing is that pretty much everyone agrees with how great this album.

I really tried to mimic Stanley Donwood’s style on this one, even using some bits that were used in OK Computer related projects. But overall I wanted it to feel overwhelming, which is what Thom Yorke was writing about, and how he eventually ended up feeling after all of the reviews of the record came in.

I hope everyone enjoys it, stop by tomorrow for Kid A!


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #2 of 7 The Bends

With only 6 days left till, we continue the Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper, which takes us to their second album, The Bends. I remember seeing the video for ‘High and Dry’ on MTV a lot, and wanting to hear the song over and over again. This album showed a much more cohesive structure, and also a few stand out hits like the aforementioned ‘High and Dry’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’.

While listening to this album, I noticed there were a lot of lyrics about things being fake, a lot of water and ocean imagery, and I felt overall like it was more of a personal record for the band. So I went with some medical/x-ray type imagery, sort of referencing the iron lung, being bullet proof, the bends, all sorts of science-y things. It was also semi-reminiscent of the original Stanley Donwood cover as well.

Then while searching for cross sections of the human brain, I came across these truly amazing Digital Dendrology images, and knew instantly I had to use them. They reminded me of fake plastic trees, as they are microscopic samples from branches. But at the same time, they look quite unreal.

There aren’t as many wallpapers this time, because of how the image would have cropped. But all you need to do is throw some black behind your wallpaper, and you’ve got the widescreen version!

Remember, there are still 5 more wallpapers on the way, so be sure to check back tomorrow for OK Computer!


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Radiohead Countdown Wallpaper: #1 of 7 Pablo Honey

For those who’ve been reading my blog lately, you know I’ve been doing a mini-countdown for the release of Radiohead’s new album, In Rainbows. Well, I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do for the next 7 days, that’s kind of a long time, and I wanted to do something exciting. And then it hit me!


Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m going to be making a desktop wallpaper for each Radiohead album, which will be released everyday till next Wednesday when the new album comes out. That means the first desktop wallpaper released is Pablo Honey!

Now, Pablo Honey is my absolute least favorite album of theirs, and the cover artwork is horrendous, so I knew I had to really think this one through. I decided thought of the words as separate items, and googled the shit out of ’em. I found the jar of honey first, which then gave me the idea to stick someone on it. So I started googling ‘Pablo’, and lo and behold, Pablo Picasso showed up! I hadn’t thought of him off the top of my head, honestly, so I was glad to see someone that famous. And who knows, maybe Picasso got cravings for honey? Then I spent a few hours pasting it all together in Photoshop, and there you have it. A new hip brand of Pablo (Picasso) Honey, and a new take on a classic album cover.

Be sure to check back everyday for the next week for a new wallpaper each day!
Tomorrows wallpaper is the The Bends, and I promise you that it’s absolutely nothing like the Pablo Honey one today!


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