Want to blow up a planet? Check out Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation

I’ve been geeking out in PC gaming for the past few weeks, but one thing has me really excited. Uber’s new game Planetary Annihilation mixes strategy and world building under a cool premise. Built for OS/X and Windows, there is a general push to letting the player customize the game however they see fit. Be it small skirmishes to control a piece of land or several planets pitted against each other, the scale of battle is as large as you want. You could kick back, play offline, and destroy some planets. Or log online to join someone else’s attempt to conquer the galaxy.

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Alec Rojas

September 3, 2013 / By

Arca’s ‘&&&&’, A Mixtape Sure To Open Some Creative Pathways

arca mixtape &&&&

To some extent 2013 can be slashed in half. Before and after Yeezus, I mean. That seems a bit audacious, right? It’s ONE record, maybe not Kanye’s most loved – although the croissants line still gets me. But if anything, like 808s & Heartbreak, it has opened the door for different producers and the darker side of dubstep, grime, and hip hop to become a part of the mainstream.

So who really made Yeezus?

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Alec Rojas

August 29, 2013 / By

“Nightingale,” a New Song by Grey Reverend

photo by Doug Seymour

Photo by Doug Seymour

LD Brown has been around for a minute. The Brooklyn acoustic guitarist/songwriter drew attention with his affiliation with the Cinematic Orchestra and his fantastic vocal work on Bonobo’s “First Fires.” Known for his mellow, eccentric, inspired picking, he opened the former and put out his first record, Of the Days, in 2011.

Recording under the name Grey Reverend, his stripped down style simmers in our summer of sangria and spf30. With a new record due out September 2nd and an EP coming out July 29th, it’s a great time for a single. And maybe a song that hits the summer time from a different angle.

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Alec Rojas

July 25, 2013 / By

DJ Shadow twists up Machinedrum’s “Eyesdontlie”

machinedrum eyesdontlie

Machinedrum’s music has been around for a minute now. Experimenting in glitch and beat music for the past ten years, the dude enjoys coming in from a different angle with each record. Vapor City is his latest project. Based around an imaginary city, each track represents a different district. This first single, “Eyesdontlie,” continues his tradition of hypnotic and heavy beats.

Yet nothing like a remix to make it fly.

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Alec Rojas

July 15, 2013 / By