A Modern Dog Hammock by Torafu Architects

Torafu Wanmokku dog hammock

There are dog beds, crates, carrying cases, and even strollers, but has there ever been a dog hammock? Japanese architecture firm Torafu has answered with a resounding yes (er, “hai”). The Wanmokku, which translates to “architecture for dogs,” is not only an easy-to-assemble plywood frame that acts as a hammock support, it encourages the use of a dog owner’s own clothing to attract their beloved four-legged friends.

Though currently built to accommodate a Jack Russell terrier or other smaller dog, one might argue that it might also work for cats, rabbits, and ferrets. Simple, clever, and utterly charming, the Wanmokku serves primarily as a snuggle space for your pet. But it works as a mini trampoline too.

Andi Teran

June 25, 2013 / By

Modern Quilts by Hopewell

Hopewell quilts

Hopewell napkins

Steeped in tradition and built by friendship, Hopewell is a new design workshop producing artisan-minded products. Founded by art director Eliza Kenan and fine artist Clair Oswalt, the company takes its name and ethos from the Hopewell Exchange System, a Native American cultural exchange that saw various materials transformed into handmade products that were then traded. Though Kenan and Oswalt have a wide range of handmade experience between them—from painting to woodworking—their first Hopewell offering is centered around quilts.

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Andi Teran

June 21, 2013 / By

A ‘Very Semi Serious’ Cartoonist Film

'Very Semi Serious' film logo

The new documentary Very Semi-Serious gives a rare glimpse behind-the-scenes of the New Yorker, specifically the cartoon department. An active part of the magazine since 1925, the cartoons have come to define the publication with their sardonic wit and wry take on humanity. Filmmaker Leah Wolchok tried to get the documentary project off the ground years ago only to receive a “no” from New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff. But in the last six years, she’s continued her plight taking on producing partner Davina Pardo in the process. They were finally granted access to the magazine’s cartoon department and archives, and editor Bob Mankoff, which is a rarity, and are currently in production to tell the story of legendary cartoonists in the past, present, and future.

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Andi Teran

June 20, 2013 / By

Surreal and Childlike Worlds by Artist Sachiko Kanaizumi

Illustration by Sachiko Kanaizumi

It’s hard to give a painting by Sachiko Kanaizumi a quick glance. They’re the type of paintings that beg for long stares and cocked head contemplation as you behold the surreal and whimsical worlds she creates. Fairy girls inhabit a heap of discarded books while bats swarm little ladies bobbing in an unusual stream. Kanaizumi’s work is captivating and mysterious all at once, and so is she.

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Andi Teran

June 19, 2013 / By