10 Amazing Design Shops in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen

10 Amazing Design Shops in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen

My name is Lisa Congdon, and I’m a San Francisco artist and illustrator. I’ve long been obsessed with the Scandinavian aesthetic, and recently I traveled for the first time to Scandinavia and Iceland on an inspiration-gathering trip. Bobby asked me to share a few of my favorite design shop finds.

I absolutely loved every place I visited (including Iceland), but my favorite design finds were in the cities of Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. One thing you should know is that this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list of all the “best” design shops in Scandinavia. For one thing, I didn’t even go to Oslo, and even in the cities I did visit, I didn’t get to all the shops. This list isn’t even comprehensive of all the amazing shops I did visit! There are too many to name. This is just a list of a few of my favorite shops. For those of you traveling to any of these three cities, I highly recommend a visit to these places. Even if you can’t afford what’s on the shelves, just looking is a treat.

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