A Beautiful Minimilist Bathroom Basin by Note Design Studio

Step bathroom basin | Note Design Studio

Step bathroom basin | Note Design Studio - Sideview

Note Design Studio make some absolutely beautiful and unique work. In truth, I could have happily featured any piece of theirs on the site but today I’ve decided to focus on this really elegant bathroom basin.

Described as “the perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship and Nordic aesthetics”, the Swedish studio’s basin is particularly smart on account of it’s two-level design. I love how the sink’s upper-level holds a removable wooden decking which is just perfect for placing bathroom accessories on. It’s the ideal place to let your shaver drain-off or let your soap stay dry. Its combination of wood and ceramic strikes a perfect balance and I’d happily have one of these take pride and place in my bathroom.

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Philip Kennedy

March 19, 2013 / By

Epic photographs of Iceland’s Landmannalaugar by Helga Laufey Guðmundsdóttir

Landmannalaugar by Helga Laufey 1

Landmannalaugar by Helga Laufey

Considering that we’re currently having an Icelandic-themed week on The Fox Is Black, I thought it would be poor-form to let it pass by without featuring some amazing photographs of the country’s incredible landscape. While searching around online I came across these fantastic images taken by Icelandic photographer Helga Laufey Guðmundsdóttir.

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Philip Kennedy

March 13, 2013 / By

Siggi Eggertsson Brilliant Illustrations of Iceland

Siggi Eggertsson - Myragata

Siggi Eggertsson - Sveit

We couldn’t let an Icelandic-themed week pass us by and not tip our hats to the wonderful Siggi Eggertsson. Born in Iceland and currently living in Berlin, Siggi has been a favorite on The Fox Is Black for a very long time. His series of illustrated scenes of Iceland is one of my personal favorites, and I love how he mixes his own unique style with his trademark methodology to create beautiful landscapes that feel like modern Impressionist paintings.

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Philip Kennedy

March 12, 2013 / By

‘Mockingbird’, A beautiful music video from Snorri Helgason

Snorri Helgason - Mockingbird

I really like this video from Icelandic singer/songwriter Snorri Helgason. Directed by Elisa Vendramin, Claudio Gasparollo, and Tim L Schafer, the video is a triumph of mixed-media. Combining illustration, animation and live-action, it’s a sumptuous treat for the eyes. Normally I’m not the biggest fan of video-work that mixes a number of mediums together but this one is handled so delicately and sweetly that I think it works terrifically well.

“Mockingbird” is taken from Helgason’s 2011 album Winter Sun which you can stream or download here.

Philip Kennedy

March 11, 2013 / By

‘Flying Eye Books’ – Nobrow Press’s Exciting New Children’s Book Imprint

The Flying Eye Books Tree by Emily Hughes

Last month Nobrow Press launched an exciting new children’s book imprint called Flying Eye Books. Over the last 4 years Nobrow have been producing some really incredible books and comics and it’s exciting to see that they’re now bringing their talents to the world of children’s books. Focusing solely on publications for kids aged 4 to 11, the new imprint isn’t just exciting news for Nobrow fans, it’s exciting news for kids everywhere!

Over the course of the next year they aim to release 12 new titles, ranging from picture books and comic books, to fiction and non-fiction. Some are generated in-house while others are translated versions of handpicked French and German titles. Looking at their upcoming releases it’s clear to see that these new books will be just as good as their parent publisher’s output.

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Philip Kennedy

March 7, 2013 / By