Crisp, Clean and Darn Right Beautiful! – The Posters of Silence Television

Silence Television

Silence Television

Silence Television is the work of Peruvian illustrator and designer Gianmarco Magnani. Gianmarco creates these really fantastic prints that combine great illustrations with beautiful typography and design. Often featuring girls, motorcycles and guitars his work feels very rock n’ roll. Indeed Gianmarco is so inspired by rock n’ roll that he seems to have created his own fictitious rock band called Sixty Watts where he’s designed album artwork, tshirts, a website and merchandise for them. Go check it out, it’s really fantastic!

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Philip Kennedy

February 21, 2013 / By

José Guíza’s Weekly Illustrated “Windows of New York”

Windows of New York - 219-e-4th

Windows of New York -617-9th

Windows of New York” is a beautiful project by José Guizar, a young Mexican graphic designer based in New York. Since moving to the Big Apple José has developed an obsession with the windows of the city and every week he illustrates one and posts it to his site. José describes the project as the “product of countless steps of journey through the city streets”, and each window that he illustrates is one that caught his eye. For José the project is “part an ode to architecture and part a self-challenge to never stop looking up”.
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Philip Kennedy

February 20, 2013 / By

Beck Re-imagines Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” in 360° of Sound

Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" in 360° of Sound 2

You can always count on Beck to deliver an interesting project. Whether he’s releasing customizable album art, working with puppets or putting out an album solely as sheet music, Beck is the type of musician who always surprises and nearly always delivers. In his most recent endeavor he’s covered Bowie’s 1977 classic “Sound and Vision” and he’s done it in the most epically impressive way possible. Teaming up with over 160 musicians, his performance is a full 360-degrees of sound and… well, vision.

Put together in collaboration with the Lincoln Motor Company (in an attempt to sell more cars), the performance is directed by Chris Milk and is part of the company’s “Hello, Again” campaign. If you forget about the corporate tie-ins, this is a really excellent project. The video was recorded with a crazy looking Binaural Head which captures the sound in full 360-degrees. This means you get to hear the performance right from the center of the circular stage. This is definitely a video to watch full-screen and with your headphones on.

Lasting almost 10 minutes in length, the performance sees Beck making the most of having such an eclectic mix of musicians at his disposal. The massive collection of performers includes an orchestra, a collegiate drum-line, a row of electric guitarists, a musical saw, a modular synthesizer, a Thermin, a harpist, a yodeler, two choirs, a group of percussionists from around the world… and even the Dap-Kings are there. The whole thing is conducted by Beck’s father, David Campbell.

More details of the project can be found on Lincoln’s “Hello, Again” website which also promises to have a full 360 performance in the coming days. Go check it out!

Update: The full interactive, 360º version just went online. See it here!

Philip Kennedy

February 19, 2013 / By

Beauty in minimilisim – ‘Gray Keys’ by Carlo Vega

Screenshot from Gray Keys

Screenshot from Gray Keys

I stumbled across Carlo Vega’s work on Vimeo the other night and was properly impressed. The New York based artist seems to work predominately as a painter but when he mixes his personal work with his commercial work as a motion-graphics artist things get really interesting.

Originally from Lima in Peru, Vega grew up during a time of political turmoil and domestic terrorism. For the artist this time played an important role in his cognitive foundations. During his early years he learned about geometry and the perfection of logic from his mathematician grandfather, and from his Catholic surroundings he absorbed the importance of iconography and spiritual mystery.

Watching his video “Gray Keys” with this knowledge makes everything fit into place. It’s a beautiful little video which finds beauty and mystery through geometry and iconography. The music is of course by the wonderful Chilly Gonzales. Check out more of Carlo’s work here.

Philip Kennedy

February 14, 2013 / By

The Incredible Paintings of Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes - Stampede

Josh Keyes - Tangled II

It wasn’t until this week that I discovered the artist Josh Keyes. The Washington native works in a variety of media including sculpture, drawing and installation but it’s his paintings that impress me the most. Brash, bold and confident, his pictures are filled with drama and surreal beauty. Keyes describes his work as “a hybrid of eco-surrealism and dystopian folktales that express a concern for our time and the Earth’s future’.

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Philip Kennedy

February 13, 2013 / By

An Amazing Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez

The Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez

The Thread Wrapping Machine by Anton Alvarez

“The Thread Wrapping Machine” is a weird and wonderful invention by Anton Alvarez. It’s the sort of surreal lo-fi machine that you wouldn’t be surprised seeing in a Michel Gondry or Spike Jonez film. Designed to join different types of material together, the machine uses a glue-coated thread as bond. There’s no screws or nails holding its resulting furniture in place, simply a Spiderman-like webbing made of thread.

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Philip Kennedy

February 12, 2013 / By

‘Monochrome’ – the Wonderful Debut Album from I Am The Cosmos

I Am The Cosmos

I’ve been waiting for an album release from the Dublin duo I Am The Cosmos ever since hearing their brilliant track “Remembering You” all the way back in 2010. When I heard a few weeks ago that their debut album had finally arrived (and as a free download no less) I was really surprised and happy.

Monochrome is a wonderful debut. Drenched in plenty of 80′s synth pop, the album feels like a fantastic mix of influences ranging from the likes of The Chromatics to Eno to Talk Talk. The duo like to describe their sound as “tears on the dancefloor”, and with it’s unique blend of electronica and melancholy its a description which sounds just about right. Above is a stream of the album’s wonderful closer, “Leaving/The Shift”. It’s a great mix of ambiance and funk and it demonstrates exactly what the band does so well.

You can grab a free download of Monochrome over on Noisey now.

Philip Kennedy

February 11, 2013 / By

Hypnotic fun in Hibou Blaster’s video for ‘A Very Unusual Map’

Screen Shot from Hibou Blaster : A Very Unusual Map 2

Screen Shot from Hibou Blaster : A Very Unusual Map 3

“A Very Unusual Map” is a new music video from the French producer Hibou Blaster. The video is a lot of fun, featuring a bunch of cool looking characters dancing around and mixing with Hibou Blaster’s lush sounds and the songs aforementioned map.

The video is animated by BBBlaster, a Vjing, illustration and animation duo composed of Loup Blaster and Dalkhafine. Their aim is to promote animation and electronic music from the North of France and from the looks of this video they’re going a pretty great job! I love the rhythm, bright colors and movement in this video. It’s a wonderfully hypnotic watch!

Philip Kennedy

February 7, 2013 / By