‘Monochrome’ – the Wonderful Debut Album from I Am The Cosmos

I Am The Cosmos

I’ve been waiting for an album release from the Dublin duo I Am The Cosmos ever since hearing their brilliant track “Remembering You” all the way back in 2010. When I heard a few weeks ago that their debut album had finally arrived (and as a free download no less) I was really surprised and happy.

Monochrome is a wonderful debut. Drenched in plenty of 80′s synth pop, the album feels like a fantastic mix of influences ranging from the likes of The Chromatics to Eno to Talk Talk. The duo like to describe their sound as “tears on the dancefloor”, and with it’s unique blend of electronica and melancholy its a description which sounds just about right. Above is a stream of the album’s wonderful closer, “Leaving/The Shift”. It’s a great mix of ambiance and funk and it demonstrates exactly what the band does so well.

You can grab a free download of Monochrome over on Noisey now.

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February 11, 2013 / By

Hypnotic fun in Hibou Blaster’s video for ‘A Very Unusual Map’

Screen Shot from Hibou Blaster : A Very Unusual Map 2

Screen Shot from Hibou Blaster : A Very Unusual Map 3

“A Very Unusual Map” is a new music video from the French producer Hibou Blaster. The video is a lot of fun, featuring a bunch of cool looking characters dancing around and mixing with Hibou Blaster’s lush sounds and the songs aforementioned map.

The video is animated by BBBlaster, a Vjing, illustration and animation duo composed of Loup Blaster and Dalkhafine. Their aim is to promote animation and electronic music from the North of France and from the looks of this video they’re going a pretty great job! I love the rhythm, bright colors and movement in this video. It’s a wonderfully hypnotic watch!

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February 7, 2013 / By

Beautiful images of Paris in Marion Berrin’s ‘Back to the square’

Marion Berrin - Chaise

Marion Berrin - fleurs

More than anything else I love to travel. New cities, new sights and new sounds are the things that I live for and if you ask me, there’s probably nothing better for you then getting a change of scene and perhaps even gaining some new perspective. While we can’t always be on the move, a good alternative is to catch a glimpse of somewhere new through the eyes of someone else. That’s what I love most about this series of photographs by the Paris-based photographer Marion Berrin; they offer a perfect glimpse into her life in the city.

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February 6, 2013 / By

Beautiful wooden products and furniture by Hugo Passos


hugo-passos-Obon Coffee Table2

I love the products that London-based designer Hugo Passos makes. I discovered him recently while browsing the Monocle website and saw that the magazine had teamed up with the designer to produce a beautifully crafted magazine rack (below).

What I like best about Passos’s work is just how simple, neat and elegant it all is. The form and the materials stand on their own without the need for gimmicks or distraction. They’re just simple, beautiful pieces. I particularly love Obon, his oak coffee table (above). It’s a split-level table with an inset tray. What I love best is how the tray has two surfaces, inviting you to use each one for a different task. Ideal for enjoying a book and a cup of coffee at the same time!

You can check out more of Hugo Passos’s work online here.



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February 5, 2013 / By

Great Quirky Wooden Sculptures by Merijn Hos

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos1

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos2

I’ve been following Merijn Hos’s Wooden Sculptures project on Tumblr for the last few weeks and really love the stuff he’s been making. Originally created for a group exhibiton at Stedelijk Museum Kampen, the Dutch artist and illustrators sculptures recently made their way to the States for a solo show at New York’s Beginnings Gallery (pictured above).

Comprising of 109 wooden sculptures, the pieces range in height from 5 to 14 inches and each one is painted in Hos’s unique and vibrant style. Hos says that the work was inspired by the Art Brut and Folk Art movements, and each one was painted with a rather abstract form in a na├»ve way using roughly 24 colors and a uniform brush size. The resulting work is fun and playful and his collection of characters becomes even more impressive when viewed as a set. We’re big fans of Merijn Hos work here on The Fox Is Black so make sure to check out more of what he does by giving his site a little visit!

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos3

Wood Sculptures at Beginnings NYC - Merijn Hos

Philip Kennedy

February 4, 2013 / By

Beautiful Landscapes Drawn by Liam Stevens

Liam Stevens - A View of Edo

Liam Stevens - Grizzly Falls v2

Liam Stevens - Tenaya Canyon

Liam Stevens - The witness zine

When I saw these drawings by the London-based image-maker and designer Liam Stevens I instantly fell for them. Drawn simply with pencil, I find that his drawings are so beautifully crafted. I love his use of expressive lines and the way that each image is so richly detailed.

As well as drawings, Liam’s portfolio displays an array of work covering a variety of media. From paper-cut abstractions to digital designs, and from animation to typographic design, his work is certainly diverse and yet he still manages to maintain an unmistakable aesthetic that’s truly his own. You can view more of what he does online here and also make sure to take a visit to MakeMake Studio, a fantastic animation studio he co-formed with Chris Tozer for motion experimentation and animation. What a truly talented chap!

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February 1, 2013 / By

‘Momotaro’ – An Incredible Pop-Up Book by Icinori

MOMOTARO by Raphael Urwiller + Mayumi Otero 1

MOMOTARO by Raphael Urwiller + Mayumi Otero 2

Icinori produce some of the best picture books I think I’ve ever seen! The publishing studio is made up of illustrators Mayumi Otero and Raphael Urwiller, and their publications often come in the form of impressively engineered pop-up books filled with beautiful illustrations and incredible paper constructions.

The book above is called Momotaro and it’s a retelling of a popular Japanese folk story. The name ‘Momotaro’ literally means Peach Taro, which is commonly translated as Peach Boy. According to the legend, the story tells the tale of a strange child born of an apricot who undertakes a quest and travels to a distant island to fight oni, eventually becoming a great hero in the process. Like much folklore, Momotaro is a fantastically off-the-wall tale but it also sounds like a really great story. You can learn more about it here. I love the look of Icinori’s adaptation and I really love how it manages to feel very traditional and yet completely modern all at once. Make sure to see more of their work by checking out their website here.

MOMOTARO by Raphael Urwiller + Mayumi Otero 3

MOMOTARO by Raphael Urwiller + Mayumi Otero 4

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January 30, 2013 / By

Beautiful Images from ‘Stay Troublesome’ by Alana Paterson

Image from 'Stay Troublesome' by Alana Paterson

Image from 'Stay Troublesome' by Alana Paterson

It’s hard to know exactly what the title of Alana Paterson’s new series of photographs – Stay Troublesome – refers to. Her beautiful images of the American landscape feel calm and composed. In many ways they’re almost the reverse of troublesome. Yet, there’s also a feeling of adventure in this series. Old maps, rucksacks and road trips hint at journeys into the unknown and they evoke a sense of moving to new places. These are images about always moving on and perhaps it’s this sense of transience that the title referees to. ‘Staying troublesome’ feels like a motto for reckless abandon. It feels like a cry for moving to new pastures and always being ready for adventure.

Certainly it seems that Alana Paterson enjoys new places. Her bio says that she’s based in Vancouver, B.C. but over the last few months she’s been to Portland, New York and New England (she even adds that she’s available to travel over the next few months too). Originally getting into photography by shooting photographs of her friends at skate parks, her portfolio is filled with a great collection of personal projects. It also includes a growing list of impressive work with clients that include brands such as Norse Stores, HUF and Brixton. You can see more of her work online here and make sure to check out the full series of Stay Troublesome on her site here. It’s a beautiful collection of photographs.

Image from 'Stay Troublesome' by Alana Paterson

Image from 'Stay Troublesome' by Alana Paterson

Image from 'Stay Troublesome' by Alana Paterson 5

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