Check out Pulp’s ‘After You’ (Produced by James Murphy)


Since 2013 started all I seem to be listening to is this great new track from Pulp! Given as “a little present” to fans at a recent gig in the band’s hometown of Sheffield, the track is the group’s first release in ten years. Originally demoed back in 2000, the song was recently re-recorded back in November and produced by former LCD Soundsystem’s front-man James Murphy.

The pairing couldn’t be better. Murphy adds a wonderful touch of his quintessential groove to Cockers’ cheeky and charming lyrics and the whole thing is as energetic as it is seductive. The track is a fitting send-off for the band who recently concluded a two-year long reunion tour. It’s sad to see them sail into the sunset, but it’s hard to mourn too much when you’re listening to a song as fun as this.

Philip Kennedy

January 7, 2013 / By

Atmospheric Street Scenes And Cityscapes By Painter Jeremy Mann





I love these paintings by the American artist Jeremy Mann. His surroundings play an important role in much of his work and many of his painting are inspired by the streets of downtown San Francisco. Mann is an incredibly talented artist and it’s amazing to see him capture such atmosphere, mood and expression simply with a few brushstrokes.

For me, it’s his use of textures that I love. I could easily get lost in the playful way he paints and I imagine his work is even stronger when seen in real life. He’s also an incredibly prolific artist and his website is filled with a huge amount of work covering a broad range of subjects from cityscapes and landscapes to portraits and figurative studies. To see more of his work make sure to visit his website online here.

Philip Kennedy

January 3, 2013 / By

‘That Will Be The Day’ – An audio/visual collaboration between Aldo Aréchar & Mr. Div

Screenshot from That Will Be The Day 1

Screenshot from That Will Be The Day 2

That Will Be The Day is a great audio/visual collaboration between composer Aldo Aréchar and the motion graphics artist Matthew DiVito. I’ve been a fan of DiVito’s work for a while (particularly the GIFs he makes under the alias Mr. Div), and was really excited to see that he had collaborated with a composer on this new project.

Aldo Aréchar’s music is beautiful and the perfect compliment to DiVito’s images. Together they create something pretty magical. The music is taken from Aréchar’s new EP I and it’s available as a free download here. Also make sure to give a listen to his album Water, I’ve been working to it all week and it’s fantastic!

Philip Kennedy

January 2, 2013 / By

The Drawings and Illustrations of Emma Lewis

Emma Lewis johnnypaniccover

Emma Lewis paris1

Emma Lewis paris2

Emma Lewis zizzi

I came across the work of the London-based illustrator Emma Lewis the other day and was really taken by it. Influenced by folk art and outsider art, Emma’s illustrations manage to be raw and naive yet always beautiful. Her drawings are simple but they’re also rich in imagination; combining interesting textures with quirky compositions and creating strange and wonderful images. You can see a small selection of her work on her website here. Go check it out!

Philip Kennedy

December 20, 2012 / By

‘Imported Landscape’ – Images Of A Changing Icelandic Landscape by Pétur Thomsen

Imported Lanscape

Imported Lanscape

Imported Lanscape

Imported Lanscape

Imported Landscape is the title of a series of photographs taken by the Icelandic photographer Pétur Thomsen. Started in 2003, the series charts how the landscape of Kárahnjúkar was devastatingly transformed during the building of a large hydroelectric power plant in the east of the country. Built by The National Power Company of Iceland and opened in 2009, the project involved creating three reservoirs and building five dams; one of which is the largest of its type in Europe. The project has been the frequent subject of protests by a number of environmentalists, chiefly because the area was formerly the second largest area of unspoiled wilderness in Europe.

Thomsen’s images play an important role in documenting the transformation of the landscape and also contribute to the debate about whether or not massive projects like these can justify their environmental impact. You can view the complete series of photographs here.

Philip Kennedy

December 19, 2012 / By

‘It’s a Shape Christmas’ – An Illustrated & Interactive Advent Calendar

The Shape of Christmas - Screenshot

Over the last few days I’ve really been getting into the festive spirit by visiting It’s a Shape Christmas. This special seasonal website is a digital advent calendar that features the work of 25 illustrators from all over the globe. Created by Shape Design Studio, the project is now in its second year and they’ve really brought together a great selection of talent and built a great looking website around their work.

Everyday you can unlock a new illustration from the calender, with illustrators creating Christmas themed pictures based on a number of different shapes. You can take a look below to see some examples of these including Barney Ibbotson’s hexagonal snowflake, Brandon James Scott’s circular present and Dave Raxworthy’s triangular birdhouse. They’re all great pieces!



The Shape of Christmas - Dave Raxworthy

Best of all, each illustration is also available to download as a wallpaper for either the iPhone or iPad so you can visit the site each day and get a brand new festive wallpaper. What more could you want! Go check it out here!

Philip Kennedy

December 18, 2012 / By

A great video by Pablo Maestres for Fur Voice’s ‘All That’

Fur Voice - All That 2

Fur Voice - All That 3

There seems to be something exciting happening in Spain at the moment. Just last week I wrote about the excellent video and track by Barcelona-based duo PEGASVAS and today I have another excellent video from Barcelona-based group Fur Voice.

What really turned me on to this band was their amazing video. Directed by the Spanish filmmaker and photographer Pablo Maestres, the video is an atmospheric piece filled with beautifully composed shots and a strange, surreal tone which owes a lot to the photographic work of Gregory Crewdson. It’s clear to see that Maestres is definitely a talent to watch, and this video is his first collaboration with the excellent London-based production company A+. Fans of the band can pick up a free copy of the single from the group’s bandcamp page, or check out their album, Onto Endo, here

Philip Kennedy

December 17, 2012 / By

Great food illustrations by Nicholas John Frith

Nicholas John Frith is an illustrator, designer & printmaker from Dorset in England. While his website is packed full of great work, I think it’s his illustrations of food that I love the most.

Three of the images above come from a quirky but mouth-watering little project he used to run on his blog called Pie-day Friday. The idea was simple, Nicholas would imagine a new pie-filling every Friday and share it on his blog. Each post would be accompanied by one of these great illustration. It’s an odd little idea but I love it and I think his illustrations are great. You should go check out his portfolio while I go see if I have anything in the house to make a pie with tonight!

Philip Kennedy

December 13, 2012 / By