Laurent Durieux’s Fantastic Retro-Futuristic Movie Posters


If you’re a fan of pop-culture, movies and retro-tinged illustrations then you’re bound to love the work of Laurent Durieux, a graphic artist and illustrator from Brussels. No matter what the genre, Laurent’s work is beautifully unique, often with a retro-futuristic vibe and plenty of sharp compositions with eye-catching details. His images have the ability to be filled with a wonderful sense of drama and story and his concepts pay great tribute to the films that he loves.

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Philip Kennedy

March 10, 2014 / By

Beautiful Editorial illustration by Karolis Strautniekas

Karolis Strautniekas

I discovered the work of Karolis Strautniekas recently while reading an issue of Creative Review. His editorial illustrations are fantastic and I love the texture and colors that he uses. The images here are taken from a piece he worked on for the french magazine Usbek & Rica. I particularly love the image above which was used for a piece about education and technology in Estonia. I love the perspective he uses and – if you visit his Behance page – you can get a little behind-the-scenes glimpse of some of the stages during the image’s construction. I don’t know about you, but I love when illustrators share that type of thing!

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Philip Kennedy

March 4, 2014 / By

30 Fantastic Websites To Lose Yourself In

Animated Browser Window

If you follow me on Twitter you might know that I moved to London last September. You might also know that since then I’ve had nothing but trouble trying to get an Internet connection set up in my home. Fortunately, last week I finally got everything up and running and to mark my triumphant return to the world of the Internet I went a little crazy and shared 30 of my favourite websites on Twitter.

The majority of them are single-serving sites. Some are very useful while others, others just plain entertaining. Bobby enjoyed the list so much that he suggested I share it with you. So, without much further ado, I present (in no particular order) 30 great links for your enjoyment.

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Philip Kennedy

March 3, 2014 / By

Kevin Cooley’s ‘Controlled Burns’ Shows The Beauty Of Fire

Kevin Cooley - Controlled Burn

Controlled Burns is a series of imposing images by the American photographer Kevin Cooley. Consisting of large, swirling clouds of smoke, these photographs are as beautiful as they are dramatic.

For Cooley, these images serve as a metaphor for opposition. “Fire is a powerful natural force that we harness for greater good” he says, “it is the only Classical element that we can create on demand, yet when out of control it has the potential for grave destruction”. At the heart of this series lies a simple duality – we can create fire and yet fire brings destruction.

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Philip Kennedy

February 26, 2014 / By