Interview with an Art Director: Sue Murphy of Ogilvy & Mather

Susan Murphy

I can’t remember how I first met Designer and Art Director Sue Murphy but it was some time ago; and every now and then I check back on her work to see what she’s up to and find her in a different country. Born in Ireland she’s since racked up a fair share of air miles studying in Savannah, working in Amsterdam and of right this moment working as an Art Director for Ogilvy and Mather in New York. To begin this series of Creative Interviews I thought who better to begin with than the freckly, funny and flighty Sue.

She was also kind enough to takes some snaps of the office in New York and comment on them. I always love seeing these sorts of places, I can’t quite explain why but I find it interesting to see the environment that great work is created in.

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Michael Arnold

September 4, 2013 / By

Turn the Lights Off with Rizon Parein


I don’t think we can talk about neon (or the absence of it at least) without looking at some of Rizon Parein‘s work. In particular, his personal project Lights Off. Lights off is a surprisingly sexy what is really just tubes and wires when you remove the neon. And believe it or not, these posters are 3D digital models, not physical signs. Parein was originally contracted to make these neon signs for an Eristoff Vodka campaign called “Bring On The Night” but while working on the campaign’s 20 headlines, he fell in love with unlit signage. Parein thought turning the lights on killed the esthetics of what he was making so he decided to make a series of his own posters.

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Carli Krueger

August 30, 2013 / By

Wieden+Kennedy’s Installation Proves Advertising Is More Than Just Ads


During the weekend there was a moment where I had to sit through a monologue about how negative the advertising industry is and how cruel the people are who work within it… Much to my dismay, this is a sentiment I hear often. To me, this is common opinion of the misinformed, and in my experience, it’s wrong. Let me tell you a “little secret” about the ad biz: all we want to do is create cool shit. Wieden+Kennedy’s (W+K) project, a Real Life Agency at Work, created in collaboration with Emily Forgot and Laurie D, is a great example of aforementioned “cool shit.”

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Nick Partyka

August 14, 2013 / By

Designed by Apple in California (video)

Designed by Apple in California (video)

With all the hubub and hullabaloo around the release of iOS 7, it’s nice to see something from Apple that’s hard for people to wring their hands over. Titled Intention, the short video (commercial?) visualizes Apple’s beliefs in simple, beautiful ways. I find it inspiring, simple principles that we, as creatives, should strive for when we create. The highlight of the video, with a doubt, is the statement, “there are a thousand no’s for every yes.”

Bobby Solomon

June 13, 2013 / By

High impact branding for Rock The Vote by Apartment One

Rock The Vote branding by Apartment One

Rock The Vote branding by Apartment One

Rock The Vote branding by Apartment One

Let’s talk politics. No, not about what issues are important, who you should vote for or who hates Big Bird. But about the fact that whatever side you’re on, you should get out there and vote. Brooklyn-based Apartment One teamed up with Rock the Vote and Simon Issacs to design and implement a non-partisan campaign urging the budding generation to do just that.

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