Space Suit of the Week: 2001: A Howard Johnson Space Odyssey

2001 A Space Odyssey - Howard Johnsons Childrens Menu - 1968 4

2001 A Space Odyssey - Howard Johnsons Childrens Menu - 1968 5

Let’s do launch! This week we’re serving up an intergalactic adventure from 1968 care of the hotel chain Howard Johnson, which gives a child friendly look at the film 2001: A Space¬†Odyssey. John Sisson, on his blog Dreams of Space, recently scanned in a menu and comic book which was released by HoJo as a promotional tie-in, featuring iconic moments from the film.

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Alana Zimmer

May 17, 2013 / By

‘You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack’ – A Compendium of Cartoons by Tom Gauld

Tom Gauld - You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack

You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack is the title of a new book by the British cartoonist Tom Gauld. Over the last eight years Gauld has been creating a weekly cartoon for The Guardian and this beautiful hardback book is a compendium of many of his best works. Released through the Canadian publishers Drawn and Quarterly, the book features plenty of cartoons which havn’t been seen outside of the UK before.

Tom Gauld - Jetpack

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Philip Kennedy

May 9, 2013 / By

John Martz’s ‘Destination X’ – A Science Fiction Parable about Obsession & Singlemindedness

Destination X by John Martz

Canadian illustrator, cartoonist and designer John Martz has just released a new book called Destination X and it’s well worth checking out! Inspired by old pulp sci-fi novels, ghost stories and episodes of The Twilight Zone, Martz’s book is a fantastic sci-fi parable about obsession and single-mindedness.

The comic book tells the story of Sam, the grandson of a world-renowned space adventurer. Impressed by his grandfather’s tales of mysterious planets and alien romance, Sam decides to model his life on his grandfathers, stopping at nothing to fulfill what he believes to be his natural destiny — even if his grandfather’s stories aren’t true.

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Philip Kennedy

May 7, 2013 / By

Space Suit of the Week

SYMBOLS OF THE APOLLO X LM CREW - Snoopy - Charles Schulz - Stafford Cernan

During stressful launches, NASA’s jet Propulsion Laboratory mission control eats handfuls of peanuts for good luck. Peanuts have been a part of space exploration for a long time. A dedicated reader passed along the above Peanuts Snoopy astronaut action figure: Snoopy was the NASA Manned Flight Awareness Program mascot (with the blessing of Peanuts creator Charles Schultz) and spoke out for flight safety. NASA even awards a “Silver Snoopy Award” to employees and contractors for outstanding human flight safety achievements.

Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan of Apollo X named their Lunar Module (LM) Snoopy. The Command Service Module was named Charlie Brown.

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Alana Zimmer

March 22, 2013 / By