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Snacks Quarterly

Everyone has a weakness for snacks. I personally have a savory palette, preferring to nosh on things like wasabi cashews or walnuts and cranberries. Alexander Barrett and Brad Simon love snacks so much they decided to create Snacks Quarterly, an online publication that celebrates snacks in all their forms.

Snacks Quarterly is an internet publication that brings a variety of artists together to share their insights and ideas on the subject of snacks and snacking. Essays, illustrations, anecdotes, and practical snacking tips post four times a year on our beautifully designed, ad-free website.

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Bobby Solomon

April 22, 2014 / By

T Magazine Offers Up The Best of the Milan Furniture Fair

Ferréol Babin – Lunaire

T Magazine visited the Milan Furniture Fair last week and rounded up their three favorite designers from the show. The one that caught my eye was Ferréol Babin’s lamp titled Lunaire which looks utterly unreal, which you can see above. I love this piece because it reminds me of some celestial formation in space, like something you might see on Cosmos.

Babin says much of his work revolves around one central question: “How can an object produce a strong effect, an impressive impact, and then turn into a quiet and nonintrusive object when we want it to? That’s why light is my favorite ‘material,’ because it has this power to change a whole room in a second.”

Bobby Solomon

April 21, 2014 / By

The Adobe Challenge: Sagmeister X Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 1

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 2

Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh Adobe 3

Sagmeister & Walsh is undoubtedly one of the best design firms working right now. They’re a powerful little team who have done everything from branding Jay-Z’s Barneys collaboration with jagged gold to providing an Art Deco trophy for the New York Festival. You can see very clearly that they love what they do and that they are very, very talented at it too.

As a means to create some friendly competition and put their work hard, play hard vibe to the test, Adobe invited Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh to participate in a series of creative tasks that involved their making the Adobe logo out of random objects. Produced by the always lovely Art Directors Club’s Young Guns division, the resulting project is an online game show called Sagmeister X Walsh. It’s a bright, fun, design based series that shows how creatives have to stay on their toes.

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April 17, 2014 / By

Pettirosso Handcraft Branding by Vacaliebres

Pettirosso Handcraft Branding by Vacaliebres

When it comes to branding, oftentimes it’s better to stick to something simple, iconic, and most important, memorable. That’s why I’m really loving this branding for Pettirosso Handcraft, A Genoa based company who makes hand-crafted leather goods. The branding was created by Vacaliebres, an Italian designer who has a real knack for creating these beautiful little marks, oftentimes with some sort of animal reference. There’s a real charm to the work, from the cute bird logo to the typeface choice, everything feels slightly off (in a good way).

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Bobby Solomon

April 16, 2014 / By