FUD by Elsa Lang


FUD by Elsa Lang 2

“Blanabbas, urngs and purs!” You really just can’t beat some misspelled food. The Portland-based illustrator and designer Elsa Lang agrees and – inspired by the FUD meme – she’s made some fantastic FUD wallpapers. Don’t try and get either of us to explain why misspelled food is so funny… it just is!

Many of you might know Elsa from her work with Always With Honor (where she designs and illustrates with her husband Tyler and their dog Zoe). Her FUD wallpaper was made a few years ago and I just really love it. You can download a copy of it here. If you don’t download it you could end up with agg on your face!

Update: The other day Always With Honor created another great food-related illustration and so I thought I’d tag it on to the end of this post. It’s a portrait of Julia Child, one of Elsa’s favorite people of all time! It’s a great portrait and it really captures the character of Child. You can download it as a phone wallpaper here.

Always With Honor - Julia Child

Philip Kennedy

January 17, 2013 / By

Micro-Macro: A Video About Everything, Told With Food



Here is a quick jump across several orders of magnitude: from subatomic particles to multiple universes, all with the help of edible and mostly delicious foods. I’ve never eaten an organism’s lungs (at least that I’m aware of, although I did eat a lot of chicken nuggets growing up and who knows what’s in those things) but it somehow makes perfect sense to see respirating leaves taking their place. The video is the work of Encyclopedia Pictura and you can read more about the video by clicking here.

Alex Dent

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The Elegant Touch of Food Affection – A Film Review of ‘A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrand’

A Matter of Taste: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt

There are two types of people in this world – those who can control themselves around food and those who cannot. I happen to be one of the joyful gluttons who cannot. In an ideal world, my voracious eating habits would be seen as gourmand or sensualist. In reality, if there is one last morsel of bread left in the basket I will make it my steadfast mission to toast it, dip in chocolate sauce, melt 12 year-old cheddar into its spongy core, or encapsulate it in sweet strawberry jam. It will be eaten, and it can get ugly, but I’m prepared to defend my passions. After all, if nothing else, food is emotional.

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Christina Stimpson

January 17, 2013 / By

Rene Redzepi and the Story of Noma

Noma Cookbook Cover

Rene Redzepi

The inspiration for food themed week of posts came from my obsession with Rene Redzepi and his restaurant, Noma. Redzepi pioneered New Nordic Cuisine, which uses only locally and seasonally harvested ingredients. This approach has led many to say that Noma is in fact the best restaurant in the world right now, which is now surprise if you’ve seen the dishes Noma puts out.

What I find inspiring is how passionate Redzepi is about his cooking. It’s not just about putting food on a plate, it’s about creating an experience. It’s about taking an ingredient and pairing it with other ingredients that would grow in the very same area. It’s about taking six weeks to prepare a grasshopper garum. Everything Redzepi does is done with 120% of effort and that to me is where his genius lies.

The video was created by Phaidon for the release of the Noma cookbook they published. It gives a pretty godo insight into the type of foods that Noma is preparing and the dedication Redzepi has to New Nordice Cuisine. Hopefully you’ll find Redzepi as inspiring as I do.

Bobby Solomon

January 17, 2013 / By

Eastern European Sushi: CLINIC 212 Combines Lithuanian and Japanese Food

Eastern European Sushi: CLINIC 212 Combines Lithuanian and Japanese Food

Eastern European Sushi: CLINIC 212 Combines Lithuanian and Japanese Food

Eastern European Sushi: CLINIC 212 Combines Lithuanian and Japanese Food

Lithuanian design agency CLINIC 212 has come up with a brilliant idea, Eastern European Sushi, combining traditional Lithuanian dishes and presenting it like Japanese sushi. The idea at first might seem a bit jarring, especially when you see an entire fin fin sitting on top of the smoked mackerel, but that’s entirely the fun of it. The presentation of these dishes entirely changes the context and the preconceived ideas of what you’d expect from these dishes. I think it’s also pretty great that all the liquids you see on the boards are actually dark beer or vodka… that’s definitely keeping it real.

Bobby Solomon

January 17, 2013 / By