Stone Village

I visited the new CB2 in Santa Monica last weekend and while poking around I found these rad little stone houses (technically a house, temple or condo) which when combined create a great little village. I guess these little guys could just sit on a table or something but I like the idea of them as bookends. They’re geometric shapes are really fun and their surfaces are nice and smooth, made of “natural mint sandstone”. I just wish I had a place to put these…


Bobby Solomon

August 15, 2010 / By

Proust Geometrica Chair

Last week Alex posted this crazy chair called the Prickly Pear Chair which I thought I was pretty crazy until I found the chair above. The Proust Geometrical Chair was designed by Alessandro Mendini in 2009 for Cappellini which features the intense pattern you see in the photos, which personally reminds me of dazzle camouflage. It also kind of reminds me of the unnecessary indulgence of the 80′s, mixing a classic shape with a contemporary pattern. Don’t think I’d ever want this in my home but it’s certainly fun to look at.

Found through Share Some Candy


Bobby Solomon

August 11, 2010 / By

Prickly Pair Chairs

It’s that time of summer when the optimism of spring is evaporating as quickly as the turgidity of the potted plants on my front porch. It’s the heat that kills them. In the spring, it seemed like a good idea to plant dozens of delicate, thirsty flowers; but in the summer the ghosts of dead plants are reminding me that I should have planted cacti… or maybe just rocks.

New to me are the Prickly Pair Chairs by Valentina Gelz Wohlers. Introduced last year during Milan Design Week, the chairs cleverly bend a very French, oval-backed chair with the pads of a prickly pear cactus.  There are even little spiny things in the tufts of the upholstery. The chair made me laugh the first time I saw it, and I’ve been thinking about how to downplay the absurdity of the chair in an interior ever since.  I haven’t come up with anything.

But I still like the chair, and I need somethings other than dead plants on my front porch. Is there a waterproof version? Well, honestly, I’m not sure that water is a realistic threat… just ask the dead plants.


Alex Dent

July 21, 2010 / By

The Stryde Collection

I thought you might like to know about this elegant collection of chairs, ottomans and tables from the office of Michael Wolk. The Stryde Collection is great because it has the quality of mid century furniture, yet is clearly contemporary. (In fact, I came across the collection on the Contemporist.) The attenuated legs make me nervous because they’re so skinny at the floor, but the fact that they are gorgeous walnut distracts me. It’s almost as distracting as sitting in sad, rolling office chair imagining what it would be like to recline in soft leather with a good book.


Alex Dent

July 14, 2010 / By

Elisa Strozyk

German designer Elisa Strozyk takes everyday objects and skilfully re-imagines their properties and functions. For her “wooden textiles” series she is concerned with “giving importance to surfaces that are desirable to touch [that] can reconnect us with the material world and enhance the emotional value of an object.” Strozyk’s interest in touch, sensation and feeling is at the heart of her design practice that challenges perception. Playing with the user’s understanding of the tactility of wood, this series experiments with the perceived inflexibility of the material and attempts to transform interwoven wooden tiles into a soft textile. I have no idea what her finished designs actually feel like, but the visual effect of these deconstructed wooden mosaics is amazing. Definitely take a peek at Strozyk’s site if you’re interested in designs that fuse progressive creativity, functionality and beauty.



July 7, 2010 / By

Greg Hatton

I have yet to acquire my dream home, but one thing is for certain: when I finally do move into my charming modern cottage, it will not be complete unless I have a piece or two by furniture designer Greg Hatton. Using reclaimed materials and found objects, Hatton crafts wood in an organic style that looks as though his furniture has naturally been found in the woods. There is clearly an eco-conscious philosophy at the heart of his design practice that is beautifully melded with artisanal skill.

Hatton is also an accomplished landscape designer, so I may have to start saving my pennies for a bespoke tree house for the back garden of my cottage. After all, a girl can dream.

You can check out his work on his portfolio, flickr and blog.


June 18, 2010 / By

Cant Desk and Scoop Task Chair by Blu Dot

I took about 14,000 photos of furniture and products from the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) so I’ll be sharing fun things spread out across the week. First off though I wanted to share what was hands down my favorite pieces of furniture in the entire show, which come from the design-y brains of Blu Dot.

These pieces are called the Cant Desk and the Scoop Task Chair, which were paired up during the show and they look amazing together, though you definitely have to purchase them separately. For some reason I totally freaked out when I saw these beauties, something about all the clean edges and the mixing of materials really got me.

I love the Cant Desk because of the mixture of wood and metals. The way the legs descend into their wooden counterparts and the perforated steel shelf/ledge on the top make my heart swoon. Then there’s the Scoop Task Chair which is one of the comfiest chairs I’ve ever sat in. Yet again they do a wonderful job of mixing steel with wood and fabric to create a beauty of a chair.

The Cant Desk and the Scoop Task Chair are going to set you back $599 each and come out this fall, so if you’ve fallen in love like I have you’ll have to wait quite a while to get your hands on these. I’ve posted some official press images so you can getting a clearer look at these pieces.

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Bobby Solomon

May 17, 2010 / By

‘Born in Brazil’ – Presented by Wallpaper*

After the Joey Roth event Michael and I popped over to the Born in Brazil exhibit which was put on by the folks over at Wallpaper* magazine. The exhibit featured a wonderful collection of Brazilian furniture, giving a spotlight to the talented designers of the country. There were a lot of amazing pieces, though I’d have to say the minimal table in the second photo above was absolute favorite. The way the drawers seamlessly fit into the table is wonderful, the color of the wood is beautiful and I love how the metal legs connect to the tabletop. Such a beautiful piece.

I also had a chat to meet-up with Nadine Johnson, the person who I have to thank for getting me my room at The Mercer. I first met her at the opening of the PRISM Gallery in Los Angeles but it was great to catch up with her again. Thanks Nadine!

There are more photos of the exhibit and fancy people sitting on the furniture under the cut.

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Bobby Solomon

May 15, 2010 / By