Life in the Alphabet by Eibatova Karina

I’ve fallen in deeply in love with this amazing alphabet by Eibatova Karina, who also goes by the name Eika. She wanted to create an alphabet that was made of natural and organic shapes and objects, like they were naturally found that way or suddenly captured.

The idea of the project is to represent a letter in a natural form and appearance. Like something alive has turned into a letter and stood still. In some letters it’s possible to find symbolism, others are just an abstract form. In the alphabet you can find only one human – a woman in space. And one unreal creature – a dragon, also a very symbolical sign.

I’ve pasted some more under the cut which were my other favorites.

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Bobby Solomon

November 9, 2009 / By

André for Arkitip/Incase

When I popped into the Arkitip shop a few weeks ago I mentioned that they had been working on some exciting things but I couldn’t discuss any of those things… This is one of them. For the opening of the Apple store at the Louvre, Arkitip and Incase have teamed up with André to create a rather handsome laptop case to celebrate the event. The colors chosen make it look like an old attache case and the oxford lining makes it a truly classy affair. Wonderful work from all parties involved, as usual.

There’s also an iPhone case as well, if that’s your thing.


Bobby Solomon

November 6, 2009 / By

Dan Witz + Michael, Kevin & Geoff

There’s a couple of really great shows opening this weekend here in LA so I thought I’d share them. The first one is the Dan Witz show at the Carmichael Gallery which opens on Thursday night. I’ve posted about Dan’s work a couple times before and everything he does is kind of amazing. This exhibit will feature his more recent work where he’s placed images of people in behind doors, in grates and all kinds of horrible looking places. Definitely going to be an awesome show.

Click here to see more photos of the show.

The other big show this weekend is the Michael, Kevin & Geoff show at Heavyweight. The show features new works from Michael Leon, Kevin Lyons and Geoff McFetridge and can be summed up as ” New works on paper from three old friends from Los Angeles.” Do you need a better reason to head and see this show? These are three of the best creatives in the world, all showing together in a tiny gallery space off of Melrose. Heaven.


Bobby Solomon

November 4, 2009 / By

The Beast Is Back… Again

One of my favorite illustrators Christopher Lee, whom many of you should know as The Beast Is Back, is back with a brand new portfolio of envy-inducing work. He’s quit his full time job and is heading into the vast wilderness of freelance illustration. Going through his work I don’t think he’s going to have any problems at all.

The images above are from a personal project called The Great Hunters. I love these wacky looking characters, each one more outrageous than the previous. For some reason I really like that log and branch guy, maybe it’s the browns with lavender and the awesome eye holes. I also think the Zulu tribesman looking dude is amazing, the colors are perfect and the little spatter of blood on his spear shows he means business.


Bobby Solomon

November 1, 2009 / By

Hello Kitty: Three Apples / By Robert Vidaure of Nerdski

Editors Note: I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it out to the Hello Kitty: Three Apples event over at Royal/T last week, so I asked my fellow Angeleno blogger Robert Vidaure who runs the blog Nerdski to fill in for me.

Last Thursday I got invited by Bobby to attend the special press event opening of Three Apples, an exhibition celebrating 35 years of Hello Kitty. It all went down over at Royal/T, a gorgeous art and cafe spot in Culver City. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I finally got through the doors I was totally overwhelmed by all the Hello Kittyness. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with a massive movable Friends With You installation that you could actually get in and give it a try.

After a quick meet up with the Kitsune Noir boy himself I took a personal tour of the gallery and snapped a bunch of pictures of all the amazing art. From Buff Monster to Baseman, to TokiDoki to Kozik I was really impressed with all the interesting interpretations of Hello Kitty. It was a little hectic with all the press, and someone mentioned Paris Hilton and Dave Navarro were roaming around, so I enjoyed what I could. I ate a little bit of finger food, kicked back some pink champagne and then headed out.

I was a little bitter about not getting there early enough on Thursday to get a goodie bag, so my girlfriend and I decided to try our luck again on Saturday. I’m not sure who dragged who but we somehow found ourselves standing in line early in the morning waiting to get back in and experience the Hello Kitty madness once again. Even though we still didn’t make the first 100 cut we decided to make our own goodie bag and buy a bunch of Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary exclusives. With our pockets empty I decided to take a few more pictures while enjoying a piece of Hello Kitty birthday cake.

It was definitely a fun filled Hello Kitty weekend, and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet you should go November 1st for Hello Kitty’s official birthday party. You’ll most likely see me there.

To see more photos from the event be sure to click here.

-Robert (nerdski!)

Bobby Solomon

October 29, 2009 / By