Shugo Tokumaru – A Black XS Live Sound Take Away Show

The crazy kids over at Le Blogothèque are at it again, this time travelling to different countries along with Black XS cologne to record amazing musicians, this time calling it the Black XS Live Sound Take Away Shows. For their first installment they’ve headed to Japan to record the awesome Shugo Tokumaru perform his song Linne. It’s a beautiful little song and it’s always so enjoyable to watch these artists wander the streets performing their music.

After this they plan on heading to Turkey, Spain, Canada, England, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and end up back in France. I love that they’ve gotten a sponsor to take their idea to the next level, it’s such a great idea and so well executed.

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April 26, 2010 / By

Tiny Tim Performs ‘The Other Side’

This is one of the creepiest/most intriguing videos I’ve seen in a long while now. It’s a live performance of Tiny Tim singing the song The Other Side to a bunch of little girls. The song is about the ice caps melting and all the strange things you find under the rising water. While he’s totally a huge weirdo I have to say that I think his performance of the song is kind of amazing. But just be warned, once you see this you can’t unsee it, and further more you may get this creepy song stuck in your head.

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April 23, 2010 / By

‘Mirror, Mirror’ by Dr. Dog

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Mirror, Mirror by Dr. Dog

When I first heard the new Dr. Dog album, Shame, Shame, I wasn’t sure if I liked it as much as some of their older albums, but now I kinda’ feel like it’s one of their best yet. The album still sounds like what you’re used to, that sort of 70′s rock vibe that’s been channeled through a Beach Boys filter of poppy-ness.

I already posted Shadow People but I wanted to post another song mainly because I found the image above on the front of their website and wanted to post it… but this song is awesome. It’s a quickie, coming in at under 3 minutes but it’s should get your head boppin’ along and wake you up a bit! Prepare for more Dr. Dog on this week’s Mixcast, I saved the best for that!


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April 12, 2010 / By

Ben Folds Does Chat Roulette While Playing Live

I’ve always been a big fan of Ben Folds, ever since his days in Ben Folds Five, I was definitely that kid being all emo (before it had a word like that) to Brick. Since then he’s left the band and been just fine doing his thing, but his live shows have always been one of the most successful things he’s ever done. Well, he just raised that bar.

During a recent concert Mr. Ben decided to hook up a computer and start up Chatroulette IN THE MIDDLE OF A SHOW. He plays to the person on the other end, commenting on what they’re wearing or any other little detail that might pop up. I laughed for pretty much the entire 5 minutes, it’s definitely the best use of Chatroulette I’ve seen so far.

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April 6, 2010 / By

The DWP with Ghostly + Michael Cina: Gadi Mizrahi

Ghostly + Michael Cina: Gadi Mizrahi

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Oh Love by Gadi Mizrahi
Click here to download

I meant to post this Friday but the day got away from me, so I’m making up for it tonight! This here is the final wallpaper in this little team-up with myself and my friends at Ghostly records, and of course, Michael Cina. Musically we have Gadi Mizrahi and his song Oh Love, which comes from the I Can Never Get Enough EP. The song is kind of funky, but kinda house-ish, but nonetheless should get your toes tapping.

The artwork is actually the art for the Oh Love single and is a pretty straightforward mix of paint splatters in all kinds of wild colors. I really love this one because you can see the texture of the canvas coming through.

If you’d like to download all of the tracks given away so far in one file click here.

Big thanks to my friends Sam, Missy and Danny for thinking up this great collaboration and to Mike Cina for creating such awesome artwork. If it’s not too much trouble let me know what you thought of this little team-up.


Bobby Solomon

April 5, 2010 / By