BASECAMP Seduces with “Emmanuel”

BASECAMP "Emmanuel"

Let’s face it – electronic R&B is here to stay. Be it the sad-eyed, inventive crooning of James Blake or the drug-addled sexuality of The Weeknd, producers everywhere are slowing down the beats per minute and tugging harder on your heart strings with every line. In between glitches and pops, ass-shaking low end, and cooing vocals lies the enchanting romantic music of 2013.

The young production trio of Aaron Miller, Aaron C. Harmon, and Jordan Reyes formed BASECAMP earlier this year. The Nashville production group bring something different from their hometown, but there is a sense of real musicality. “Emmanuel” was their first single, coming out a few months ago, and has been met with almost universal acclaim. It’s easy to see why. The bass line rumbles along, a falsetto melody line that twinges between timbres leads you through the disparate aural forces. A complete pop song, affected and affectionate all at once.

Alec Rojas

November 7, 2013 / By

‘Return to Paradise’ by Monster Rally

'Return to Paradise' by Monster Rally

Ted Feighan, who makes music under the name Monster Rally, is one of my favorite musicians these days. He’s been steadily releasing albums for the last few years and they keep getting better and better. His latest is titled Return to Paradise, which to me literally sounds like what paradise might sound like (you should imagine having a blue drink in your hand, which has a little paper umbrella inside of it). If that doesn’t sound like an amazing description to you then I’m not sure we can be friends.

Bobby Solomon

November 6, 2013 / By

“Planetarium” by Squarepusher helps me get creative

Hello Everything by Squarepusher - Album art

I was listening to one of Rdio’s stations the other day when per chance I came across “Planetarium”, a rather impressive track from Squarepusher. Also known as Tom Jekinson, Squarepusher was/is on the forefront of techno/drum and bass/acid jazz (however you want to label it) combining electronic music with the soul of improvisational jazz.

“Planetarium” to me sounds like some sort of epic space journey, filled with tons of drums, a swell of atmospheric synths and a rhythm that swings between complex and foot tapping delightfulness.

Bobby Solomon

November 3, 2013 / By

“Mira”, a brand new track/EP from Baio

Chris Baio, made famous for playing bass in Vampire Weekend, is continuing to explore his own music and producing through with his side project Baio. Ditching indie rock for electronic music, his newest EP Mira is an upbeat series of jams that remind me of something that Caribou would make. Mira was released today and you can listen to it on Rdio by clicking here.

"Mira", a brand new track from Baio

Bobby Solomon

October 28, 2013 / By

James Murphy gives David Bowie’s “Love Is Lost” an epic, 10 minute remix

James Murphy, made famous by fronting LCD Soundsystem, has seen been quite busy since the bands break-up in 2011. He’s producing the much anticipated upcoming album for Arcade Fire, and now he’s released a pretty awesome remix of David Bowie’s “Love Is Lost” from his most recent album, The Next Day.

Taking the genes from Steve Reich’s “Clapping Music”, a track consisting of yes, just clapping, Murphy has put together a sprawling track that Bowie’s vocals can swirl amongst. There’s this beautiful symbiosis of pianos, hand claps, and electronic blips that then erupts into this spontaneous, disco-tinged song. This song is a slow burn so be sure to give it enough time to really wash over you.

David Bowie "Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy)"

Bobby Solomon

October 17, 2013 / By