Happy Pi Day

It’s Pi Day, March 14 (3-14), so I had to post this old photo by Paul Octavious who built the ? symbol beautifully out of books. If you like this be sure to check out his Book Collection series where he constructs numbers and other scenarios out of books.

Pi Day photo by Paul Octavious

Bobby Solomon

March 14, 2014 / By

The VSCO Artist Initiative, A $100,000 Scholarship Fund For Creatives

The VSCO Artist Initiative

Looks like the folks at Visual Supply Co. (VSCO as you probably know them) are giving back to the artistic community, establishing a scholarship fund for creatives.

Recipients will document their ideation and creation process on VSCO Grid?, with the end result sold via the VSCO Store and physical gallery exhibitions. Profits are divided between the artist and a reinvestment in the Initiative, enabling future projects for other artists. In this manner, the creative community can build a growing and sustainable movement built upon principles of integrity and artistry.

The first recipients are Kevin Russ, Lauren Marek, Street Etiquette, Chris Schoonover and Jon Schoonover, Leon Yan, and Niv Patel. It’ll be interesting to see if any non-photographers will be featured as winners. VSCO being a photo editing app would seem to lean toward that medium, hopefully it’s not exclusively that way.

You can apply yourself by clicking here.

Bobby Solomon

March 13, 2014 / By

‘NASA Images of a Spacetime Odyssey’ Serves Up a Liberating Dose of Reality


Last weekend the Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey aired, Carl Sagan’s masterpiece reimagined. In celebration, NASA unveiled a gallery of images, aptly titled “NASA Images of a Spacetime Odyssey.” It’s a gorgeous collection of some new, and some familiar images, from NASA’s repertoire of galactic exploration. More than that, this gallery is one of those beautiful moments when art converges with science, serving a dose of liberating reality, to aid in easing the troubles of our daily lives.

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Nick Partyka

March 13, 2014 / By

Exploring the Sea in Cian McKenna’s ‘Lovely Water’ Photo Series

Cian McKenna - Lovely Water

Irish graphic designer Cian McKenna has a bit soft spot for swimming. For the last few years he’s been heading down to ‘the 40ft’ for a swim. This secluded cove is located just south of Dublin city and has been a popular place for swimmers for more than 250 years. With camera in-hand he’s been documenting these excursions and the resulting work is really beautiful.

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Philip Kennedy

March 11, 2014 / By

Kevin Cooley’s ‘Controlled Burns’ Shows The Beauty Of Fire

Kevin Cooley - Controlled Burn

Controlled Burns is a series of imposing images by the American photographer Kevin Cooley. Consisting of large, swirling clouds of smoke, these photographs are as beautiful as they are dramatic.

For Cooley, these images serve as a metaphor for opposition. “Fire is a powerful natural force that we harness for greater good” he says, “it is the only Classical element that we can create on demand, yet when out of control it has the potential for grave destruction”. At the heart of this series lies a simple duality – we can create fire and yet fire brings destruction.

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Philip Kennedy

February 26, 2014 / By

Riitta Päiväläinen Freezes Fashion

Riitta Päiväläinen Photpgraphy 1

Riitta Päiväläinen Photpgraphy 2

Riitta Päiväläinen is a Finnish artist based in Helsinki, a place that I imagine to be very cold. I don’t know what I would have to wear to be warm there but I imagine it would be a lot more than the shorts and sweater usually donned in Southern California: Finland is a long way climatically from where I am. Her makes this known very clearly as she studies clothing placed against stark, clear snowy backdrops. They are photographed and always appear frozen, stiff and caught in limbo between falling and flying: they are transitional. The objects in the image represent former wearers and the way she presents them emphasize said lost pasts. Who knew freezing clothes could mean so much?

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February 24, 2014 / By

‘Post Natural History’ by Vincent Fournier

'Post Natural History' by Vincent Fournier

“These are stories of possible scenarios in which different living species are modified to better fit our environment as well as to adapt to new human desires.” That’s the idea behind Vincent Fournier’s newest project, Post Natural History. He’s tweaked and modified animals an insects to survive in our modern day world, such as being drought resistant, enhanced senses, psychics, or even used to do remote surgery.

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Bobby Solomon

February 18, 2014 / By