Comic Neue – A Designer’s Attempt At “Bettering” Comic Sans

Comic Neue - A Designer’s Attempt At "Bettering" Comic Sans

I never expected to seriously be writing about Comic Sans. The occasional reference for humor is a low hanging fruit to any typography writer but here we go. In all seriousness, let’s talk about the world’s most hated typeface because designer Craig Rozynski challenged himself to redesign it.

First, let’s look at the history of Comic Sans via Just My Type by Simon Garfield, because I believe that the world is too harsh on Vincent Connare. You might say he’s the person you curse under your breath when you see that passive aggressive note about cleaning the microwave at the office — but really he’s only partially to blame.

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Carli Krueger

April 14, 2014 / By

The Academy Behind the Oscars Gets a New Identity

Academy-Rebrand-1 With the Oscars around the corner, a new identity for the Academy that’s behind it all couldn’t have come at a better time. While the Academy might be synonymous with the film industry, they seriously lack a visual representation and often get lumped in with their iconic effigy. California based agency, 180LA, set about bringing the Academy from the shadows and literally into the spotlight, introducing a modern identity of pure class. A rebranding that manages to reach for the future without forgoing the decades of history under the Academy’s wings. Continue reading this post…

Nick Partyka

January 13, 2014 / By

Instapaper’s Fresh New Direction

Instapaper Redesign GIF

The app Instapaper‘s been around for a while. Its creator, Marco Arment, introduced it as the first read-it-later service back in 2008. As just a web product, users installed the Instapaper bookmarklet to save articles for reading in their browser. When the iPad came out in 2010, however, things changed and Instapaper became a product all about reading articles on the go. Eventually Arment’s many other projects became a hindrance to Instapaper, and he decided to sell it in hopes of keeping the product fresh.

That brings us to today. The company Arment sold it to, Betaworks, is fresh off their wonderful revamp of Digg; and has been steeping Instapaper in their labs for the past couple months. After a quick testing period, Betaworks released their redesigned web component to the public last week. Kind of like the service’s beginning, Instapaper‘s getting a fresh start in the browser. And taking a look at this redesign, it appears the future’s really shaping up well for the old favorite.

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September 11, 2013 / By

Studio Small Rethink Meccano for Icon Magazine

Studio Small Rethinks Meccano

Studio Small Rethinks Meccano

It’s rare for me to get too excited over a brand redesign but when I saw Studio Small’s imagined Meccano rethink over on Collate I couldn’t help but be a little impressed. The redesign was created for Icon Magazine as part of their ongoing ‘Rethink’ feature, which asks a new designer each month to rethink an existing brand of their choice and look at ways to improve it.

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Philip Kennedy

May 20, 2013 / By

The Facebook homepage redesign: Will it work?

Facebook Homepage Redesign

The great thing about mocking up a website in Photoshop is the pixel perfection you achieve. An idealized version of a website manifested into spectacular glowing pixels that represents every minute detail your designer brain was able to dream up. The problem with mock-ups is that they aren’t real, and they’re immune to the influence of real life, to real users. This is one of the problems I see with Facebook’s beautiful new homepage redesign.

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Bobby Solomon

March 8, 2013 / By