Desktop Wallpaper Project

Julie Lee Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Julie Lee

Back in January staff writer Andi Teran posted about the work of Julie Lee, a Los Angeles based artist who created the most amazing food collages. I remember seeing those beautiful pieces filled with beet ends and slices of peach with a garnish of lemon zest laid out in an almost wallpaper-esque pattern. I thought they were so beautiful, and immediately I began to wonder if she’d do a wallpaper for the site?

I wrote her and luckily enough she said she’d make something. So we plotted a bit and decided that she should make a beautiful wallpaper for the first day of Spring, which is today for those of us in the northern hemisphere. It also happens to be my grandma’s birthday, so a big happy birthday to her! It might be difficult to see in the small preview above but her wallpaper features a combination of food stuffs paired with vibrantly colored flowers. You’ll find a bit of asparagus, a peeled snap pea, some lavender, a little broccolini… you get the picture.

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Iceland Smjör Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Iceland Edition

I’ve been having a pretty good time here in Iceland so I got a little behind on the this week’s wallpapaer, sorry about that. One of the first things I did encounter though was Iceland’s copious amounts of interesting butter products, which of course I was smitten with. The best of the bunch though had to be the Smjör, which was super rich and creamy, perfect for a fresh baked piece of bread.

My love of Smjör led me on a search for more information, and I eventually stumbled across a beautifully hand painted Smjör ad that I thought was pretty amazing. I mean, who doesn’t love babies carrying around giant sticks of butter? So I cleaned up what I found, made it all sharp and new, and turned it into something for your mobile device or desktop. I’ve totally set this as my wallpaper on my Macbook, and I must admit it’s pretty damn funny. I was also thinking to myself how funny it would be if this was actually a sponsored wallpaper… rolling in butter money. I know this wallpaper is random but I’m sure a few of you out there will appreciate it.

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Neuarmy Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop


With our wallpapers this year the messaging has tended to be rather inspirational. I guess it’s something that I look for, that when I look at my monitor I want something affirming to remind me that I’m doing cool shit. So this week we’re continuing out trend with this awesome wallpaper from Neuarmy. If you’re unfamiliar Neuarmy is the moniker of Ryan Katrina, a designer from Philadelphia with a unique style that mixes modern day design with a throwback style.

The phrase “This Ain’t No Side Hustle” is the trademark of Ryan’s though it’s certainly something we can all live by. For me it’s running this site, for you it might be making wooden pipes or designing baseball hats, but they’re our passions and we should be proud of them. I’ve had Ryan’s wallpaper has my desktop for about a month now and I’m stil loving it. The simple black and white doesn’t get in the way of my work and the bold message always keeps me inspired.

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Tom Froese - Anti-Bullying Day Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Tom Froese

Anti-Bullying Day, from Wikipedia:

Anti-Bullying Day (a.k.a. Pink Shirt Day) is a day celebrated during the last Wednesday of the month February in Canada, which originally started as a protest against a bullying incident at a Nova Scotia high school (Central Kings Rural High School). On this day, participants wear pink to symbolize a stand against bullying.

That’s the subject of today’s wallpaper from Vancouver based illustrator and designer Tom Froese. Tom wanted to create a piece that supported Anti-Bullying Day in an interesting and beautiful way and I think this wallpaper does the perfectly. If you look up images around the day you’ll see a lot of horrible fonts and cheesy, 90′s looking slogans, which definitely isn’t the best way to get this important message across.

What’s Tom done so well is elevated the day into something beautiful and refined. In my own opinion I think he’s made the day rather cool. It’s not a bunch of parents in ill fitting t-shirts, it’s stylish men and women in crisp pink button-ups. It’s also worth noting how lovely all the textures are on this piece, they really sell it. A huge thanks to Tom for bringing Anti-Bullying Day to my attention and for creating something so perfect to celebrate it.

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Julieta Felix wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Julieta Felix

For all the amazing technology we have these days sometimes you just can’t beat a book. That’s the view point of Julieta Felix at least, a designer from Tempe, Arizona. Julieta sent this wallpaper over to me and I thought it was great, especially all the little details in all the controls and electronics. The contrast in complexity between the doodads and the book is a reminder that sometimes we do need to disconnect every now and then.

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Eight Hour Day Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, and Desktop

Eight Hour Day

Power couples. Those interesting duos where both individuals contain vast amounts of talent, and when combined, form the equivalent of a Paul Rand-powered Voltron. That’s the image that comes to mind when I think of Eight Hour Day, the pseudonym of Katie Kirk and Nathan Strandberg. Working out of Minneapolis, this pair of designers create branding, websites, children’s books, you name it, with a subtle grace and timeless design sense that makes any professional designer green with envy.

For today’s wallpaper they’ve taken their uncanny ability to create patterns ans served up a lovely piece titled “Summertime.” Filled with birds, snails and snakes (oh my!) I think this pattern is amazing. I remember when I opened the email this was in and I cheered at my desk and immediately had to show all my co-workers. A huge thanks to Katie and Nathan for creating such a lovely wallpaper. If you love it as much as me you can also snag it as a pillow for your bed or couch. Pretty rad.

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 Zack Davenport Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Zack Davenport

Valentine’s Day. It’s that hit or miss holiday that can be amazing or depressing depending upon your current relationship status. Either way we’re serving up a wallpaper that takes a more neutral tone to the idea of love – whether it be toward another person or perhaps the work you do. Today’s wallpaper is from Zack Davenport, a Brooklyn based designer and illustrator who spends his days “making pretty stuff for foursquare.” As per usual for me these days I feel in love with the work on his Dribbble and wanted to work with him on wallpaper immediately. What’s obvious about Zack’s work is that he has a super keen sense for iconography and type, and he an impressive range of styles which he taps into to create a myriad of work from. You definitely can’t pigeonhole him.

For the wallpaper I suggested that we use a quote from Takashi Murakami’s new book Ego which I’d recently been drooling over. The quote comes from the following paragraph.

I get a sense of fulfillment whenever strangers buy my work or merchandise. It’s a compliment that transcends words. Art is a constant give and take between cultural signifiers, and I’m constantly importing and exporting art as both merchandise and culture. I think there are a lot of people who take great pleasure from these transactions of the heart. Whenever I support or directly mediate the process to ensure that it goes smoothly my happiness in direct proportion to the amount of work and effort put into the project.

I think “transactions of the heart” is an interesting concept and I think Zack totally nailed it with his wallpaper. The hands shaking in a heart couldn’t be more iconic. I think the arrow going through the heart/hands also seals the deal pretty well. A huge thanks to Zack for his great work.

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Dave Foster Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dave Foster

We’ve been on somewhat of a streak lately for lovely type based pieces on The Wallpaper Project lately and today’s piece is no exception. The wallpaper above was created by Dave Foster, an Amsterdam based designer and calligrapher who is a graduate of the Type and Media Masters programme held at the Royal Academy of Art. He recently did this great calligraphic post on his blog where he wrote out the names of some his followers. It’s a perfect example of just how talented Dave is at lettering.

For his wallpaper he took a modified quote from Picasso, “Action is the foundation of all success”, and lettered it up all pretty for us to enjoy. I love seeing work like this, I mean, look at the A in Action. It’s basically perfection. And how the T in Action also acts as the dot for the I. Stunning. He was able to find such a perfect balance to the words, it’s like type ballet on the paper. A huge thanks to Dave for creating something so beautiful for the site.

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Ryan Hamrick Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Ryan Hamrick

This week’s wallpaper Pittsburgh based designer and illustrator Ryan Hamrick is giving us a beautiful, script based wallpaper to light up our desktops. Ryan sent me a link to his work, I think specifically his Dribbble account, and I was immediately taken by all the fantastic type/calligraphy he’d done. For his wallpaper he chose to use a quote from one of his favorite songs for inspiration.

I decided to letter a quote from what’s probably my favorite song of 2012 from my favorite album of 2012. Geographer’s Kites from the album Myth.

The awesome background texture, which I thought looked like tree bark, was done in Illustrator, borrowed from the colors of the album. Overall I’m totally in love with this wallpaper. I can’t believe the details in this piece, I feel like if I tried something like this it would take me weeks. A huge thanks to Ryan for contributing such a stunning wallpaper.

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Michele Miller wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Michele Miller

Leading up to our week of food themed posts, I started to think about who could create a really beautiful food based wallpaper. I wasn’t quite sure who to reach out to, until I started looking through the photos of Michael Graydon that I needed to ask my good friend Michele Miller. Michele is an Art Center grad who studied fine art and illustration and has an incredible talent for drawing, which in my opinion she doesn’t do enough of. She also has an intense love for oysters, just like myself, and in fact we make good oyster eating buddies because we like the opposite types of oysters: I prefer the creamy ones, she likes the briny, salty ones.

As for her wallpaper I think it’s stunning, it’s everything that’s perfect and beautiful about an oyster. Her wallpaper also made me remember how very… carnal oysters are. If Georgia O’Keefe would have made art around foods instead of flowers I think she absolutely would have chosen the oyster. I’m sure that not everyone appreciates oysters the way that Michele and I do, so this wallpaper is dedicated to those like us. Whether you like oysters naked, with lemon or with a bit of mignonette, this wallpaper is for you.

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Chris Rushing desktop wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Chris Rushing

Thanks to the holidays I was behind on wallpapers, a state that totally bums me out. I know a lot of readers come to the site just for the wallpapers so I hate to disappoint. So I took to Twitter on Monday looking for someone to find
to bust out a sweet wallpaper in no time flat. Thankfully Chris Rushing, New York based designer and typographer, responded to my request and hooked us up with a great image.

When you look through the typography part of Chris’ site you’ll see a ton of amazing hand drawn scripts and type, which I totally was smitten with. I asked Chris to turn one of my favorite phrases, “Hard Days Make Peaceful Nights,” which I took from this Final Fantasy song, into something beautiful, and I think he totally nailed it. Enjoy the wallpaper and be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper.

Dark Igloo wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dark Igloo (2/2)

Yesterday’s Dark Igloo Desktop Wallpaper was a stark, holiday-ish NICE from Dave Franzese. Today is other half of the duo Mark Miller’s take for your desktop which is a collection of black, grey, silver, and off-white toy accessories from many of our childhoods. See any that look familiar? Surely you do. The image almost feels like a display of weapons that a character in Robot Chicken would grab during a fight scene, which adds a really playful quality to it. That said, it retains a very understated sophistication from the perfect balancing of light and color. Miller’s wallpaper is backhandedly about the holiday season as it references toys, memory, youth, and nostalgia in one clean image. Now let’s all spend the afternoon trolling eBay for action figures from when we were kids…

Dark Igloo wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Dark Igloo (1/2)

I’ve been friends with the homies of Dark Igloo, made up of duo Dave Franzese and Mark Miller, for a few years now, and they’re two of the most creative dudes I know. Taking a look at their portfolio you can see the amazing amount of diverse thinking they posess – each project is unique and totally engaging. The guys hit me up recently with some beautiful wallpapers that I’ll be sharing today and tomorrow. The first is Dave’s wallpaper who’s keeping things NICE. I feel like this is a perfect wallpaper for the season; nothing overly holiday but certainly fits the vibe of the weather. Check back tomorrow for Mark’s wallpaper which is a throwback to the little things that made up (some) of our childhoods.

Jude Landry Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Jude Landry

Everyone I know loves bikes, especially sweet bicycle illustrations. Today’s wallpaper from Jude Landry is particularly great not only because of the sweet ride he’s illustrated but also because his style is really fun and colorful. I love that he worked the globes into the wheels which serve as reminders of the proliferation of bicycles and how they can get you around the world.

Trevor Tarczynski - iPhone, iPad, Desktop Wallpaper

Trevor Tarczynski

I’ve been in a super colorful mindset lately, the more cracked out the better. So obviously today’s wallpaper fits my vibe to a tee. It was created by Trevor Tarczynski, a Los Angeles based designer who’s known around town for designing some of the best show posters. For his wallpaper he took the lyrics from a song he loves, in this case the Beach Boys song I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times, and the styled them to look like the calligraphic work of Mouneer Al Shaarani. The line above says, “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times,” a lyric I’ve always thought was so incredibly poetic. It’s also pretty cool how he did the background.

The wavy effect was achieved by spraying water onto my monitor and taking some photos then work in Photoshop. I’m really happy with the results. A soft prismatic and psychedelic yet digital vibe.

A big thanks to Trevor for such a beautiful wallpaper. Check back next Wednesday for another great background.

Will Bryant wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Will Bryant

Last week we featured a really rad wallpaper from Will Bryant that showcased a collection of medals for winners and losers. Funny enough Will also sent me even more wallpapers, saying that I could use them if I wanted to. Well I thought this one, simply titled Practice Kindness, would be great to have on the site.

I love the colors, the way the text interacts with the background texture, and the messages is spot on. I always feel like people who are kind, who really give a damn about other people, end up doing best in life. That’s what I feel this wallpaper is about, and Will has done a beautiful job of illustrating this mantra. A big thanks to Will for two awesome wallpapers!

Will Bryant wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Will Bryant

Last night was a night of winners and losers with no grey area in between. But life isn’t always so black and white, and these medals by Will Bryant are a perfect example. I’ve known Will for several years now, he’s done wallpapers for the site previously, and now he’s living in the creative epicenter of Portland getting his MFA in Studio Practice. His work is always playful and fun, utilizing a ton of bright colors and tackling serious subjects like hot dogs with glasses. He made these medals titled Celebrate Failure which sum up a gamut of feelings when it comes to winning and losing. I think we should give these medals out to folks more often, despite what place they come in.

Be sure to check out the iPad and iPhone sizes as well which feature different orientations to fit the devices. A big thanks to Will for sending me these sweet photos. He also sent me some other wallpapers as well, so you may be seeing his work again next week!

The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Ten Paces and Draw, with Olivia Mew

Olivia Mew

Astoundingly it’s already November. I’m not sure that October even happened. Nonetheless time marches on and we have a new wallpaper from our friends at Ten Paces and Draw. For this month’s wallpaper Ten Paces and Draw curator Alyssa Nassner was able to snag Olivia Mew, a Canadian illustrator and textile designer who’s got some serious skills. She decided to make a wallpaper that reflects Remembrance Day, a memorial day that’s observed by many countries around the world.

“November 11th is Remembrance Day in Canada & the UK, our version of memorial day. The poppy is the symbol of it, so come November lots of people wear poppy pins on their coats as a sign of respect.”

What I love about our monthly wallpapers with Ten Paces and Draw is that they draw from a really wide variety of topics. I think Olivia has created a really wonderful looking wallpaper that can also be really meaningful to a lot of people. I like the contrast between life and death as well, the skull with the poppies and subtle moth is stunning. Not to forget that the color palette is extraordinary. A big thanks to Olivia for a job well done and thanks to Alyssa from Ten Paces for picking yet another wonderful artist. Check back next month for December’s wallpaper!

Mike Giles Wallpaper - Desktop, iPhone, iPad

Mike Giles

I’m sure many of you readers are night owls. As creatives we tend to work late in the night to meet tight deadlines or to realize that vision we have deep in the back of our minds. Today’s wallpaper from Mike Giles, a Phoenix based designer, illustrates this idea perfectly. It also illustrates that late night work sessions are made way better when you have dogs around. A beagle to be specific. Mike has a dog named Banner who’s put into this piece and who’s also featured on the iPhone and iPhone 5 versions of the wallpaper.

Though I must admit, based on the clock in Mike’s wallpaper 11:05 at night is stil pretty early, or maybe that’s just me?

The Halloween Wallpaper Project featuring Braden Graber

Braden Graber

We’ve reached the end of the series of Halloween Desktop Wallpapers so why not end the week as Halloween night ends for most kids? With razors in chocolates, shitty “healthy” candy, and a peanut butter cup or two that you eat immediately because it’s the best candy you have. The final wallpaper is by Braden Graeber and is an homage to Halloween candy culture. There’s a little bit of grandma hard candy we all hate, broken Pixy Sticks because Pixy Sticks always break, and some Tic-Tac looking pills that are undoubtedly treats for the parents: it’s all a part of Halloween. Braden’s has laid it all out in a colorful, humorous, and somewhat entrancing way to remind you of that Halloween isn’t just about frights and fun–it’s also about terrible candy.