The Future of Car Interfaces Begin To Appear

Apple CarPlay

Earlier this morning Apple announced CarPlay, it’s plan to integrate iOS like functionality into cars. The system is actually an extension of the iPhone itself, allowing you to easier use some of the features the phone has to offer. Out of the gate you’re able to, with the help of Siri, make phone calls, answer texts, put on music, or get directions. Kind of the standard things you do while driving.

A few weeks back we also saw Matthaeus Krenn’s innovative idea of what a car human interface could be, pushing boundaries using unique touch gestures. I feel like we’re starting to see a trend here, and it makes me wonder if car user interfaces will be the next weather app?

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Bobby Solomon

March 3, 2014 / By

City Identity in Subway Maps by Zero Per Zero


Many budding designers cut their graphic design teeth redesigning a metropolitan subway map because of the challenge it presents. Usually the objective is to create a map that’s easy to use and conveys all the necessary information clearly in a small amount of space. Typically, a good subway map is equally well understood by locals and tourists, and isn’t frustrating to read when trying to get from point A to point B. Zero Per Zero, a graphic design studio based in Seoul, has an ongoing project redesigning city railway system maps according to a different objective than the usual.

City Railway System is a new approach to projecting the identity of a city onto its subway map. Whereas conventional subway maps aim at conveying information as clearly and concisely as possible, the City Railway System by ZERO PER ZERO distinctively incorporates symbolic elements of each city into its map while preserving clarity.

In their subway maps, Zero Per Zero preserves some of the sensation of living in a city.

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Charis Poon

January 24, 2014 / By

Muni rebranding concept by D. Kim and Mirtho Prepont

Muni rebranding concept by D. Kim

The San Francisco Municipal Railway, better known simply as “Muni”, is San Francisco’s main form of public transportation, starting operation in 1912. It’s omnipresence in SF is both a blessing and a curse. It’s seen everywhere but the mark is dated and looks like it was created back in the 1970′s (not in the good way). That’s where D. Kim and Mirtho Prepont come in, offering up a smart rethink of the iconic mark.

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Bobby Solomon

January 14, 2014 / By

‘Art of the Automobile’ is An Exhibit to Take Your Eyes for a Ride


It’s said that “form follows function, but both report to emotion.” This statement could not be more appropriate in describing the automobile. One auction (turned exhibit), “Art of the Automobile,” presented by RM Auctions, celebrates the masters of vehicular design and the marks they’ve made on its history. Featuring over 30 cars, it’s on show at New York’s Sotheby’s galleries and is the first high-profile automotive auction that the city has seen in over a decade. To me, there’re many reasons why “Art of the Automobile” already stands out as one of the must-see exhibits to check out in NYC this year.

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Nick Partyka

November 20, 2013 / By

Triumph Bonneville “72 Mono Racer” from Loaded Gun Customs

Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer

I don’t know much (nothing, really) about motorcycles, so I don’t post about them often, but this “72 Mono Racer” from Loaded Gun Customs is too cool looking to not write about. What I love about this bike is the heavy use of white detailing, which pairs so beautifully with the chrome. Most of the time I think of motorcycles as bad ass hogs that are grimy and tough, but the 72 Mono Racer looks like a modernist piece of design. My favorite part is the all white exhaust system, which you can see below, which really helps to unite the whole bike.

You can see read and see more over on Bike EXIF.

Triumph Bonneville Cafe Racer

Triumph Bonneville "72 Mono Racer”

Bobby Solomon

August 12, 2013 / By