An extensive list of Grand Theft Auto V’s faux Los Angeles landmarks

Where Are Those Los Santos Landmarks In Los Angeles? Here Are Some Answeres…3

I know all of you guys are playing Grand Theft Auto V and have been absolutely loving it. One of the things that we are obsessed with is that it takes place in fictional city Los Santos, a city not-so-loosely based on Los Angeles and related Southern California cities. Of course we couldn’t help but point out that a ton of places in the game are all real and amazingly represented in the game. Thus, we did a little Los Angeles, I’m Yours post to point out a few landmarks and funny places that you should know about in the game. If anything, use the post as a Los Santos tour of Los Angeles.

You can see our full list of faux-cations by clicking here.


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Control Two at Once in ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’


Puzzle games, for me, always seem to be on the forefront of game design. Like Bobby wrote a couple of weeks ago, sometimes game design can feel turgid, rote, and, frankly, uninspired. So many stories lack, emotional depth or attempt to put a real feeling inside you. I mean how many different times do I need to run around with a gun or hack and slash through a dungeon to get loot or save a princess?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons feels different right off the bat. This new release on Xbox and PS3 is about two brothers looking for a lifesaving ingredient in a beautiful fairy tale world. Josef Fares, a Swedish film director, linked with Starbreeze Studios to give the game a cinematic sweep.

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Alec Rojas

September 17, 2013 / By

Cory Schmitz brings bold, contemporary design to the world of video games

Cory Schmitz - Jim Guthrie album art

Cory Schmitz - Xbox branding

When I think of design in video games, specifically branding or logos, I often think of a very retro, Japanese aesthetic, or perhaps something kind of childish. There are obviously exceptions to this rule, but overall I think the overall look and feel is over stylized. Enter Cory Schmitz, a Cambridge, Massachusetts based designer who’s bringing bold, clever designs to video games.

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Bobby Solomon

September 3, 2013 / By

Gameboy graphic decorated China plates by Olly Moss

Gameboy inspired China plates by Olly Moss

When it comes to truly knowing how to bend the very essence of pop culture, Olly Moss certainly tops the list. The Winchester, UK based designer/illustrator transforms existing characters and worlds into his own clever adaptations, creating works of art (or borderline inanity) that you can’t help but truly enjoy. About six months ago he had the genius idea to transform Gameboy graphics to look like a traditional Willow pattern. If you’re unfamiliar, the Willow pattern is an elaborate pattern that was used to decorate fine china, oftentimes in a deep blue color.

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Bobby Solomon

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