‘Lewis Takes Action’ by Owen Pallet

On the last #musicmonday I was expressing how much I’m in love with the new Owen Pallett album, Heartland, so I have a little bit of proof to show exactly how great it is. About a week ago the folks at Yours Truly put together a little Twitter contest to be a part of intimate studio session with Owen, so basically a tiny, private concert (insert me being insanely jealous). Owen, along with his fellow musician Thomas, played some of the songs off of new album and they sounded great. The song above is Lewis Takes Action and is one of my favorites.

Heartland comes out on January 12th here in the States and on the 18th in Europe, so be prepared. There’s also another video of the guys performing which you can see here.


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January 8, 2010 / By

Margaret Kilgallen and Barry MacGee on Art:21

As a part of PBS’ Art:21, which takes a look at art in the 21st century, they did a short clip about twoof my all time favorite artists, Margaret Kilgallen and Barry McGee. This video was filmed back in 2001 and shows a glimpse into the lives of the husband and wife duo. They speak about how advertising is worse than graffiti, the fine line between installation work and street art and the benefits of creating art by hand.

If you’re not familiar with both of these artists I’d stress that you take the 12 minutes to watch this. This is one of those videos that really let you get a sense of how very talented Margaret Kilgallen was and what a tragedy it was that her life was cut short. It makes me quite thankful to be able to watch something like this and be reminded of her beautiful work.


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January 4, 2010 / By

MTV / Dance x 1000% / Musicbrain by Universal Everything

When Universal Everything did they’re global rebrand for MTV International they created a ton of bumpers that were pretty amazing but I seemed to have missed the one above. My buddy Wes pointed me to this video called Dance x 1000% / Musicbrain which sounds like the title of some kind of exclusive Michael Lau figure. It features a dude old school break dancing, and as he does it his “Musicbrain”keeps expanding, getting more complex and crazy as he goes. It’s a simple but eye-catching spot that makes MTV feel like old MTV for a change.


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December 21, 2009 / By

Mag+, A Digital Magazine Concept

There is a prevalent trend in technology right now which is trying to turn traditional forms of media, books and magazines mostly, into a new digital counterpart. So far though no one has really gotten it anywhere near optimal. For more personally, I’d much rather carry around a new, crisp magazine or an old, loved book than any kind of Kindle Or Nook.

That being said, the concept shown by Bonnier Research & Development have gotten closer to an ideal candidate than anything else I’ve seen. The reason their idea seems so great is that they’re trying to rethink the idea of a magazine altogether. Instead of flipping pages, why not just simply scroll like you do on an iPhone or in a browser? What about the spine of the reader? Why don’t you see any information on it like a magazine would have?

While this is a great concept it’ll be interested if anyone picks up on the ideas they present. With the supposed release of the Apple Tablet thingy next year it’ll be interesting if any similar ideas pop up. Watch the video and get a glimpse at what real R&D can create.


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December 18, 2009 / By

‘Press +’ by Benjamin Ducroz

The video above by Benjamin Ducroz is a a crazy experiment in mixed media video. It’s called Press + and features 3D animation as well as frames of the animation printed out and treated with watercolor and ink. The combination of these mediums is really what makes this video special. To think that he printed out a bunch of these frames and customized them, that’s some dedication.

The overall effect is really brilliant. Shapes and colors explode in and out of each other. The constant flux and shifting of these elements makes such an amazing effect that you can’t help but get sucked into this video. To get an inside look on his process you should click here.


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December 14, 2009 / By

Scan Processor Studies by Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly

It’s kinda hard to describe the video above, but imagine Peter Saville’s cover for Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures being animated by Chris Cunningham, a frenzy of white lines on a black background. Well, that’s the first part of this video which in itself is only 8 minutes of a 45 minute video. The video was created by Woody Vasulka and Brian O’Reilly who used a Rutt-Era Scan Processor from the 70’s, which was then further manipulated by a computer. The effect is bizarre and amazing, creating shapes and patterns that seem totally unnatural.


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December 1, 2009 / By

ATNMBL by Mike and Maaike

In the newest issue of Dwell Editor-in-Chief Sam Grawe interviews Mike and Maaike about their futuristic concept car ATNMBl, pronounced “autonomobile.” They decided to create this concept for themselves, envisioning a car that’s nothing like anything you’d see today, in fact it was designed for the year 2040. The idea is that you’d no longer drive your car, that it would be a vehicle that you travel in. You would be able to do all the things you normally do when not travelling, that it simply shuttles you from one place to another.

This is obviously quite far off but the idea is sound and makes a lot of sense. We’ve seen this idea before in the movie Minority Report, where mag-lev cars run on tracks, shuttling people around. You simply tell the car your destination and it does all the work for you. This would not only improve safety a hundred times over but would make the idea of road rage a thing of the past.

You can read the article by clicking here.

UPDATE – On a similar note, check out this short that Disney released in 1958 called Magic Highway USA which features crazier ideas than this one. Found through Daring Fireball.

There’s also a nice video interview as well which I’ve pasted under the cut.

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November 24, 2009 / By

People Doing Stuff

The site’s back up so I’m back to posting! Sorry about the downtime, sadly it was out my hands.

I spotted this video the other day, simply called People Doing Stuff, which features… people doing stuff. What kind of stuff? All kinds of stuff. Honestly these are the most random things I’ve ever seen, but that’s kind of the charm and hypnotizing quality the video possesses. I wonder how long something like this took to put together?


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November 13, 2009 / By