Desert Harmony

A playlist inspired by the high desert

While staying in the desert for the past few days I have been compiling tracks that encapsulate how it feels out here. It’s like, really far away from everything, and it has such a unique sense of calm and serenity. That’s partly because it’s a high desert, so right now it’s only 60º and the wind is pretty chill most of the time.

One time we stayed with friends who have a house out here and we woke to a light dusting of snow everywhere, that was such a delight. It’s that kind of a magical place. Hopefully when you listen to this you get a sense of what this place may feel like. Expect a lot of chill ambient music, some instrumental pieces, a lot of tracks that bring a sense of calm. Be sure to listen on random too, there’s no set order, let the music take you on a little journey.

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Desert Harmony
16 songs, 1 hr 36 min

⊙ Harp – Masayoshi Fujita
⊙ Blink – Hiroshi Yoshimura
⊙ Moments In Love – Kara-Lis Coverdale
TOBIUME – Susumu Yokota
⊙ Canone Infinito – Lorenzo Senni
⊙ Sometimes He’s In My Dreams – Mary Lattimore
⊙ Discrete (The Market) – Claire Rousay
⊙ Yulquen – Autechre
⊙ Europe – Scott Gilmore
⊙ Arboretum – Corimbo
⊙ Darwin’s Song – Spirituals
⊙ Bassin Bleu – Nailah Hunter
⊙ Cascata di Malbacco – John Carroll Kirby
⊙ Gossamer Silk – Pauline Anne Strom
⊙ Tierras Bajas Tropicales – Molero
⊙ in a semicircle or a half-moon – water feature