Spend Time... Staying in the know

Hear colors, admire space-age fashion, vertically farm and more

Spend time staying culturally relevant

Each week my partner Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick delivers an in-depth look at what’s happening culturally in our world in his newsletter, The Trend Report™. The subjects can range from NFTs to reboots forever to the most bizarre news stories you hadn’t heard yet. It’s incredible how much he’s able to pack into each installment, I’m constantly learning so much from these, which I find hysterical, because we live together! Do yourself and your inbox a favor by subscribing.

Spend time making next-level comfort food

The weather in Los Angeles lately has been chilly and slightly rainy which makes me want to eat warm, fatty foods and satiate that primal desire. Sue Li, recipe developer and food stylist, has created one of the most delicious looking dishes that I can’t wait to make… the French Onion Soup Galette. It’s French onion soup in a pastry with lots of melty cheese on top, how can you not want to eat this? Sue is a genius.

Spend time fantasizing about chic, armor-esque clothing

Always one to push the envelope with fashion, Rick Owens’ latest womenswear collection is somewhere between chic superhero armor and plush, drape-y garments to keep your body safe. I’ve seen a few comments that these would be perfect for the next Marvel film but in my mind these are the types of garments you’d see in a Star Wars world. Imagine a rad bounty hunter chick in head-to-toe Rick Owens? That’s hot.

Spend time listening to Beats in Space

After 21 years Beats in Space is taking a much deserved break. Since 1999 Tim Sweeney, the guy behind BiS, has been hosting the weekly radio program on WNYU, introducing the world to new and up-and-coming artists or reminding us of some long forgotten classics. His last show was a trip down memory, a bittersweet farewell for now that’s a must-listen. There’s also like, 21 years of shows to listen to on the BiS website, so if you’re ever in need of something to listen to, Tim has got you covered.

You can listen to his last Beats in Space show here.

Spend time hearing colors

It’s been a minute since I thought of UVA, United Visual Artists, the London collective who utilize technology to create fascinating and entrancing sculptures and performance art pieces. Their work is consistently awe-inducing and I’m always left with that feeling of “how the hell did they do that?” There are a ton of wonderful projects on their site to explore, though I’d recommend starting with this project from last year titled ‘Harmonics,’ which is a pair of kinetic sculptures that blur the line between sound and color. They literally made it so you can hear colors, it’s absolutely wild.

Spend time in a Japanese garden

Over quarantine I’ve become rather interested in landscaping and garden design because it’s a perfect intersection of my current interests. One source I’ve been really inspired by is Japanese Garden TV, which despite the generic name, has a wonderful YouTube channel documenting their process of building Japanese gardens that utilize traditional and new techniques. I put their videos on in the background when I work, it’s super interesting to watch them work, especially seeing all the little detail and nuance they put into project. One day I will have an adorable little garden to tend.

Spend time finding a good book to read

If you’re in need of a book to read the ever handy NPR Book Concierge is the way to go. I’ve used this invaluable resource the last few years when buying books for Kyle and friends and it’s never let me down. They’ve listed the books by categories which makes it easy to browse and they have handy links to pick up books from your library or independent book store. A must bookmark tool.

Spend time learning about vertical farming

Eater took a visit to Bowery, a vertical farming company that grows leafy green foods in a state of the art facility. Vertical farming isn’t really new but it was a valuable reminder that this is, without a doubt, the future of growing vegetables for our planet. Climate change is going to keep making a mess of this planet and smart solutions like these are critical. This is a perfect example of my favorite phrase, “work smarter, not harder".”